This section has information about the construction of the game files and how to edit them. If you know something about a that there is no information available about, please contribute! No utilities for editing the files can be found from here, those can be found from the downloads section.


Most information here is based on The Peasants Rebellion, unless otherwise stated!



As you can see the current status of decoded files is quite good! Some of the files are still left to be decoded, so any contributions are welcome!





Game main executable file

binkw32.dll - 3rd party video decoder
fmod.dll - 3rd party audio decoder
fsgs.dll - 3rd party network library





houses.dat ~5% Game building data
mapelem.dat 0% Unknown
pattern.dat 0% Unknown
unit.dat ~1% Game unit data




gouraud.dat 0% Unknown
h2lremap.dat 0% Unknown
MAP.BBM ~80% The Shattered Kingdom map palette
mapgold.lbm 0% The Peasants Rebellion map palette
pal0.bbm ~80% Game palette 1
pal1.bbm ~80% Game palette 2
pal2.bbm ~80% Game palette 3
pal3.bbm ~80% Game palette 4
pal4.bbm ~80% Game palette 5
pal5.bbm ~80% Game palette 6
remap2.dat 0% Unknown
remap.dat 0% Unknown
setup2.bbm ~80% Unknown palette
setup.lbm 0% Unknown palette
text0.dat ~80% Game terrain texture graphics
text1.dat ~80% Game terrain texture graphics
text2.dat ~80% Game terrain texture graphics
text3.dat ~80% Game terrain texture graphics




*.fnt 0% Game font graphics




gui.rx 100% Game interface graphics
guimain.rx 100% Game menu graphics
houses.rx 100% Game building graphics
trees.rx 100% Game terrain object graphics
units.rx 100% Game unit graphics




*.avi - Game video files (normal compressed AVI)




setup.lib 99% Button texts, mission briefings etc.
text.lib 99% Unit/building names and messages etc.




dmission%.dat 100% The Peasants Rebellion campaign mission files
mission%.dat 100% The Shattered Kingdom campaign mission files
mmission%.dat 100% Multiplayer mission files
smission%.dat 100% Single map mission files


\data\mission\dmaps ~90% The Peasants Rebellion campaign map files


\data\mission\mmaps ~90% Multiplayer/single map mode map files


\data\mission\smaps ~90% The Shattered Kingdom campaign map files




game00%.sav 0% Saved game
saves%.dat 100% Saved singleplayer game names
msaves%.dat 100% Saved multiplayer game names




sounds.dat ~80% Game sounds (and some information)




track_%.sng - MP2 music data




*.snd - Game speech (MP2 sound data)