Below you will find links to different websites that offer additional information regarding Knights and Merchants. You will find the most active national communities listed here as well, so if you'd rather speak another language than English you might want to take a look.





Official Websites



Official Knights and Merchants Website

Language: English German


This is the official website and it has some interesting information. The site is available in both English and German, but the English version is really poor and a lot of sections don't exsist. The Peasants Rebellion section is only available in German, I recommend you to visit this website if you speak German somewhat.



Official The Shattered Kingdom Russian Website

Language: Russian


This website seems to have a lot of informations available for the game. I don't understand a thing of anything but there's a demo available of the game and some advertisement of a strategy guide. There seems also to be a forum, but there is only some posts that have been posted a very long time ago.



Official The Peasants Rebellion Russian Website

Language: Russian


This website is full of text that I don't understand anything about, but I really think it's some good information. There's also a place from where you can download and listen to some of the sounds from the game, and a patch for the game can also be downloaded from there. If you speak Russian you should visit this site.








Knights and Merchants DE

Language: German


This is the best knights and merchants site available. They develop patches and tools for The Peasants Rebellion and most of the tools are also The Shattered Kingdom compitable. There's also a lot of information here and different battle strategies. Best of all, there's a half-active forum! Unfortunately there's only a German version available, but using translation tools you should be able to understand at least 50% of the site. I've taken about half of the information available here from this site.




Language: Polish


This is a Polish counterpart to Knights and Merchants DE. You should really pay a visit to this place if you speak Polish as it has information of the both games, map editors, patches etc. There's also an active forum which seems to get quite many posts a day. There's also some nice downloads available.



Dé Knights and Merchants Website

Language: Dutch


This is a website from the Netherlands. Some quite good information can be found on the site, and also some nice screenshots and tools. The website also has a forum, but it's not very active anymore. Most of the visitors there now visit our forum. Still, a highly recommended site for everyone who speaks Dutch! The old version of the site can be found here.

Language: Russian


A Russian Fansite with a fairly large community and a lot of information. It provides information about the game in Russian and files too. Because it's Russian, it's a bit hard to for me to rate the website, but Google Translate tells me the website is full of information. It even has a separate section for the Remake! If you're Russian, I recommend this website for you.



Knights and Merchants

Language: Czech


This site has walktroughs for some missions, some information and downloads, that's it. There's some nice wallpapers available that you could try downloading if you don't like your desktop, but there's nothing else really special for this page. Most of the information available is for The Shattered Kingdom even though there is a small piece of information for The Peasants Rebellion. The tips on the site seem good, but for me Czech is like chinese so I don't understand a thing of what's going on... Futhermore, the lay-out happens to be screwed up in recent browsers, so navigation is a pain. There is however a kind of discussion board available.



Knights and Merchants Mission Editor by Lewin

Language: English


Here we have got a real slick layout, made by Lubach. Whilst short on information about the game itself, this is the homepage for Lewin's mission editor which currently is the most advanced mission editor out there. He also provides another tool of his, Map2Bitmap for download from here. No doubt the best feature on the site is the mission download section. It allows you to download missions created by random people and it has the possibility to upload your own missions! As Lewin has now moved on to the KaM Remake, the website is no longer actively maintained.








KaM Remake

Language: English


The official website of the KaM Remake mod. It's a great site based on Wordpress and is maintained by Lewin. It has all the info about the Remake, news, multiplayer servers online (based on live statistics) and even a chat for people to organize multiplayer games. KaM Remake is by far the best mod available and the website currently is very active. Pay it a visit!







TopWare Interactive

Language: English German


TopWare Interactive is the producer of Knights and Merchants and is simultaneously also a North American publisher. You can find some information about the game itself on the website, and the original German forum for the game is still available with posts dating way back to 1998.



Snowball Interactive

Language: Russian


Snowball Interactive is the Russian publisher of both Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom and The Peasants Rebellion. The site looks kind of confusing, but I bet that is because I don't speak the languange. Anyways there's a list of all the games Snowball has published and from there you will find information of them.