Knights and Merchants has seen it's release in dozens of countries. Pretty much all of these countries used CD-covers unique to that specific country, and if you live e.g. in the United Kingdom chances are that you will never get to see what the Hungarian The Peasants Rebellion CD-cover looked alike.


Thankfully, there are people who scan or take pictures from the covers and upload them somewhere onto the internet. These are scattered all around the place so it can be quite difficult to find all of them but I have tried as much as possible. I would also appreciate if someone who visits this site could scan the covers of their game version and send them to me (if I don't have them already). The quality the covers are quite low (most ranging around 400 x 400 resolution) so it would also be nice of you if you could contribute an existing cover in higher quality!


I have ordered the covers alphabetically by release country and rereleases are separately at the end of the list. For each release I have added all cover types that I assume the release had, even if I haven't got my hands on this specific cover (so all gray links are non-functional).


To take a look at the covers, choose a section from the sidebar!