Stuck? Need to test a later mission and you just don't have enough time to play the missions through? Not to worry! There are cheats in the game to aid you in situations exactly like this. Explained is also another unofficial cheat that can be used for skipping battle missions.





Official Cheats


To activate the cheat in either game, you must first find out if you have The Shattered Kingdom or The Peasants Rebellion. Then look at the appropiate picture and click on the wares to form the symbol you can see on the picture below.


The Shattered Kingdom

The Peasants Rebellion
tskcheat.jpg tprcheat.jpg

- Click the crossbow to get 10
of all items.


- Click the horse to win the

- Click the horse to get 10 of
all items.


- Click the fish (bucket) to win
the scenario.





Unofficial Cheats


There is also another unofficial cheat that you can use. If you are stuck on a battle mission with no storehouse, you could try finding out the mission number of the mission you are in. If you are e.g. in mission 3 in The Shattered Kingdom campaign and can not by any means win it, go to your data/mission folder and find the file "mission3.dat". Now rename it to e.g. "mission31.dat". When the game is unable to find the appropriate mission file, you will be presented with a completely black mission and after a few seconds you will automatically win.


If you are playing The Peasants Rebellion campaign you need to work a bit differently. Find out what mission number you are in, and then find the right "dmission[x].dat" file. Let's say you are in mission 2 and can not get through it. Find "dmission2.dat" and rename it into "dmission21.dat".