Fan Art


Eager fans of the game have created their own fan art to compensate the lack of art on the official side. From here you will be able to find all fanart that I have managed to locate when searching the web. If you have created something that you feel is worth being here, send me an e-mail and I'll add the art.

Not only drawings are here, there are also computer generated images like the ones by Masaki, which give us a picture of what the game might have looked alike if there ever had come a 3D version. JBSnorro has also created some quite interesting screenshots that you might want to take a look at!







User Elixiviar from the Russian fansite has made some very impressing KaM 3D Art. After starting off with some buildings he managed to create small villages and even tried making some serfs!








Cmowla used K'nex to build Knights and Merchants buildings when he was young.








Anaconda has made one drawing that seems to show off a battle.







JBSnorro used to recreate screenshots before it became common knowledge how to take actual screenshots from the game. These can be quite interesting to look at, and they surely show impressive battles!








Masaki has recreated buildings and other things from Knights and Merchants in 3D. Some look more impressive than others, showing how big difference it makes if you decide to spend a lot of time doing something instead of just slacking :P