Artwork for this game is really scarce, but what few has been found are available here. Please if you do have some more artwork for this game, by all means send it to me so that it won't get lost in time! Note that I have tried getting all of these images in as good quality as possible, and the result is that some images might be quite large!







Games always have some official art that will be used on e.g. covers and manuals. This art usually looks quite nice, which is why I have tried finding as much art as possible. Unfortunately my current collection is quite small, and contributions are more than welcome!








When doing the design for a game, a lot of artwork is always drawn. Luckily these fabulous pieces of artwork have been shared with the public, so we now know what was going on in the mind of Joymania when designing the game.








Every game has a logo, every company has a logo. Gathered here are all different kinds of logos I've managed to find that are somehow related to Knights and Merchants. These logos are quite varying in size.






Press Screenshots


A bigger than usual screenshot is usually created for games so that it can be sent to different games magazines etc. that want to make a bigger story about the game. This means that they will want somekind of big game screenshot or art on the cover. A screenshot like this was also created for Knights and Merchants. I would really appreciate if someone could send me this complete screenshot in it's original or better format than what I currently have, because as of now I only have small and partial screenshots!