Decoding - Text*.dat



This section has information about the construction of the game files and how to edit them. If you know something about a that there is no information available about, please contribute! Provided are documents, descriptions and tools allowing you to edit the files.

The information here is based on The Peasants Rebellion, unless otherwise stated!





Contents: The terrain textures are stored in these four dat files.
Status: ~80%
Contributors: Harold
Documents: Not available
Tools: Not available





This is what Harold told me:


"textX.dat files:
these are the texture files for the terrain tiles. Each tile on them is 32 x 32 while ingame they are usually 40x40. (in TKE i used to have them 32 x 32 for this reason, until I saw that the buildings didnt fit onto it)
First there are 2 int32's for the width and height, but they are fixed anyway (256 x 256) so you do not need them. What comes after them is more interesting: each byte indexes the aforementioned colours in a bbm file! An index of 0 (zero) meaning that the pixel is to be transparent."