Decoding - Sounds.dat



This section has information about the construction of the game files and how to edit them. If you know something about a that there is no information available about, please contribute! Provided are documents, descriptions and tools allowing you to edit the files.


The information here is based on The Peasants Rebellion, unless otherwise stated!





Contents: The sounds.dat file includes all the short and small sounds used in Knights and Merchants. An example is when a miner mines coal, a farmer sows corn or when the horses scream.
Contributors: Litude
Status: 80%
Header and footer data unknown
Documents: Not available
Tools: GoldWave download.png





The sounds.dat file is basically 78 different 8-bit mono 11kHz PCM (unsigned) sound files packed together with a header and a footer.


The header contains unknown data as of yet. Most likely something like the size of each sound file, so it will be necessary to do some editing incase you wish to modify the game sounds.


Actual sound data starts at $4B8 and each new sound file can be identified as they start with the ASCII string "RIFF WAVEFmt". It will go on like this until you hit $BD137, which is when the footer starts. The data in the footer looks quite useless, but no exact knowledge about this is available yet.


If you are feeling lazy, you could just install GoldWave, load the file with the correct settings, and just listen to the sound effects like this. Easier but don't know how easy it would be to rip each of the sound files like this.