Mission 7 - The Fortress of WalheimMission 7


Build a town

Opponents: Walheim (Blue) & Moorbach (Purple)

Allies: The Rebellion (Olive Green)


Walkthrough by WFTonyD15




The Imperial Counsel:


  • The Mission can be beaten with your initial army.

  • The mission receives a difficult rating of Moderate.Your army consists of 12 Axe Fighters, 12 Scouts and 12 Bowmen.

  • Your allies are a small village who has opposed to the rule of Walheim. They lose much of their force in the initial ambush on their town and only are able to train militia. If provided with some aid they can be very useful.

  • Walheim’s island fortress consists of two separate fortifications. The first is the base of the island, protected by two watchtowers and is the main base. It will produce soldiers by very large numbers and will attack late into the game, nearly 3 weeks (3:00)

  • The second base at the top of the islands summit is the fortress of Walheim, the coward is protected by three watchtowers and a powerful guard. Walheim’s guard consists of 24 crossbowmen, 12 sword fights and 12 knights. They’re lower army is always growing and using all of those soldiers including pikemen as well.



The Imperial Proposal:


  • Your encampment is small and set up far from the enemy’s fortress. To the north lies a small town rebelling against the rule of Walheim. His puppet Moorbach’s remaining soldiers have been sent to exterminate them. This will be a hard fought challenge to bring an end to the treachery of Walheim.

  • You’ve been provided with a Storehouse, an Inn and 2 iron mines. You should build a school house immediately, it is vital. We thought our camp would remain hidden from the enemies eyes but their scouts have located our position and will attack us in due time. In addition we’ve discovered an abandoned Storehouse containing raw materials and weapons.

  • This mission is our first true test of putting together all aspects of a working town, we will need to plan and govern our people well. The enemy is incredibly powerful and will eventually crush the rebellion and come for our heads. Our initial army is enough to defend us for now, but we do not yet know the size of the incoming force.

  • If possible protect the rebellion’s town, they army although lacking power will attack the enemy and if provided aid from our own army can possibly breakthrough and overcome their defenses. With their help the enemy might be defeated earlier rather than later.

  • Once again you will have to produce your own gold, and for this mission I would recommend taking advantage of all the iron at your disposal. Having iron equipped soldiers will make things much easier and even the battlefield, of course don’t forget to produce wooden weapons and leather armor these soldiers are the backbone of the army and can be used to defend our ally to the north or even assist on their raids.



Two Epic Tales:


A Swift Victory!

  • From the beginning of our mission we will witness our allies in the heat of battle, do not concern yourself with this matter. They will survive and regroup to fight another day, we must prepare for the incoming attack of the enemy. We have a very short time to plan, first I would suggest constructing a school house, and it was the only building not set up. We don’t have a lot of reserved gold, so we are going to have to begin mining very early on. Make sure you save your game; anything can go wrong at this time as your facing a force much stronger than your own army.

  • The enemy will lead a large assault at your base very soon; Moorbach’s remaining soldiers will attack first, followed by Walheim’s pikemen and sword fighters, crossbowmen will come from following them but much slower. If you separate your bowmen you will have an advantage, have six in each squad to support your other squads. Have you scouts near the Stone Mountain a bit left of your store house and your axe fighters in the coal field north left of your iron mines; the sword fighters will attack to the south heading for your storehouse and the pikemen and lance carriers will attack the north, followed by their crossbowmen.

  • I would go ahead and start building your town, sometimes you can or cannot defeat Walheim that easily it all depends how quickly your allies can rebuild their army. I chose to construct two quarries, two woodcutters’ huts and a saw mill. This is simply a quick sum up of my town, because if your army does fail, simply switch over to the Epic victory guide. Build some farms, mills and swine farms. Just do everything you’d usually do.

  • Make sure you keep an eye on your allies’ army, when they look large keep your army up there. Around 0:44, they will attack, make sure before this you have a single bowmen attack the enemy and draw them to your allies’ camp. Have all your bowmen positioned behind the militia; lead the enemy right to them. You will be able to defeat their entire army by using this method. Don’t risk whatever soldiers of yours; they are emergency in case your bowmen are threatened. Once the enemy army is defeated, march to their town and destroy it. Watch out because they train soldiers quickly, but you should have no trouble.

  • After burning the first camp down its time to focus on the second. You should wait till your ally builds up a bit, then once again use a single bowman and draw the enemy out to your ally slowly until they are defeated. The crossbowmen are the easiest as you can have your fighters ready to defeat them themselves, the swordsmen can be dangerous if they run as they might catch your bowman, be careful. And lastly the knights are very dangerous as they gallop very fast, keep your distance.

  • Once their army is defeated, march to their base and burn it to the ground. Watch out for the watchtowers, they are no threat to your bowmen only your fighters. Soon you should destroy them, then destroy the fortress and capture Walheim, Victory has been achieved.



An Epic Victory!


The fortress of Walheim lies to the northwest; we must capture him at all costs. A village to the northeast has taken rebellion against them. Alas, the remaining traitors of Moorbach have ambushed them; we cannot offer aid at this time for the enemy must not know of our presence. We must build up our base and then launch an attack on the enemy.

Our first order of business is to construct a schoolhouse; this will allow us to train more serfs and laborers. Our gold coffers are low, but our food supplies are average. We have some time, following the construction of the school house I would advise you to build a couple of quarries, not near each other rather separated by some distance we have a large stone mountain at our disposable.

The enemy has somehow discovered our position. We must organize our soldiers for the camps defense. Separate the bowmen into two squads of six and send our axe fighters north to your coal field a bit left from your iron mines. This will be your northern defense; you will be attacked by lance carriers, pikemen and crossbowmen. To the south, the defense of your storehouse will be your scouts, keep them near your store house but left, near the Stone Mountain accompanied by bowmen.

Save your game before any battling occurs, this can be tricky and the enemy since they are stronger and better equipped has the possibility of overwhelming you. After the enemy forces are defeated you need to turn your attention completely to building up your town and training an army to defeat your enemy. If you’ve completed your initial set up, hopefully you’ll have a school house already and your main resource buildings in the works.

With two quarries, two woodcutters and a saw mill we are under way to building the town. You should first construct a vineyard and a fisherman’s hut; these will allow you more time to establishing your economy. After building these two buildings, you should focus on building a few farms, two or three is sufficient for now but if you want to surplus four or five is better. You’ve got plenty of fertile land to construct these farms on. I would also advise to continuously check your storehouse for your gold coffers, you don’t have very much. So now I’ll provide you with two choices.

You can either quickly construct a couple of mines, gold and coal and later a Metallurgist so that you don’t have to worry about gold any more or you can continue building your food sources. I would suggest building the mines.

Not too far off from the Stone Mountain you shall see a coal field, and a silver mountain containing raw gold ore. You should build a gold mine first, and two coal mines. I’m sure by now the iron ore has been exhausted from your previous mines so you don’t have to train new miners just a third if you decide to construct a second coal mine. After their constructions build a metallurgist as soon as possible near the mines or close to the storehouse, there shouldn’t be that much distance anyway unless you built another storehouse.

With that matter decided, you should have a surplus of wheat. Build a couple of mills and a couple of swine farms, you’ll have plenty of what coming in. if you feel you have enough go ahead and build a stables so that you are able to train scouts and knights. As a matter of fact you should go ahead and construct a barracks right away, this will allow the horses to go directly there and we’ll soon be constructing workshops as well.

After completing all these buildings, hopefully you’ve allowed some time to surplus your goods again. Everything should be going at a speedy pace, you shouldn’t be spending hours upon hours building and waiting. Wine and fish aren’t going to keep the population very happy. So now build a couple of bakeries, a butcher and a tannery. Your economy is set; you’re going to have a steady supply of food and resources. It’s time to shift quickly to our military before we go back to our mining.

I would suggest constructing a weapons workshop and two armor workshops. Set the leather armor both to max as leather is infinite and only serves that need. Wood is important though, set the amounts wisely as we still need to build many more buildings. Its often advised to build another sawmill and another forester to increase the wood production. Now we can shift to eventually training iron armored soldiers.

We should have iron ore, build two more iron mines and many more coal mines we have a lot of coal fields around us. We should get a lot out of it, don’t worry too much about the metallurgist, we’ll have plenty of gold as we have plenty of gold ore available. As a note, don’t forget about the abandoned storehouse to the west, it has a lot of raw resources in it and weapons and armor. Also there is a coal field as well, you have an option of using it but that would require you to build your town far out. I’ve accomplished this task but it also requires building some watchtowers to defend your town.

You should build an iron smithy and a storehouse in your mining district. This will keep the traffic down from the main storehouse. Have a decent number of serfs; you will be able to get goods to their locations much faster instead of constantly waiting. With your iron industry set up you are able to construct a weapons smithy and armor smithy. You’ve got everything working in favor for you now, the enemy is still a way off from attacking you, if it even occurs, sometimes it is random sometimes it does not occur. Also you could build a siege workshop, siege weapons are costly, 5 wood and 5 iron, but they are powerful, the ballista is the best, a single shot kill, but the catapult is good to able to kill many.

Another possibly is constructing a town hall; this allows you to hire mercenaries. They are week soldiers, but in a last ditch effort to defend your town they are worth it. The mighty warrior can be trained here but at the cost of 5 gold, don’t worry about building one focus on your current industry. You should start training swordsmen and crossbowmen, with a decent amount mainly more crossbowmen you can defeat Walheim very easily.

If you want to soften up the enemy’s soldiers, I would suggest training axe fighters and bowmen in large numbers. You can draw out the enemies and defeat them slowly, but at this point in the game the enemy will have a massive army. Instead of possibly losing valuable soldiers, you can send your leathered equipped soldiers into the battle. Keep doing this until you feel ready to attack the enemy’s base camp with your iron soldiers. The main camp is defense by two watch towers, many squads of crossbowmen, some squads of pikemen and an extremely large legion of sword fighters. It will be a bloody fight, but you can win by your expert tactics and generalship.

After you’ve defeated the enemy camp, you should check our army. Make sure it is feed, still has numbers and is ready to push forward to the final fortress of Walheim. If you are ready set up your soldiers at the base of the mountain. Having iron equipped soldiers would be wise, but not necessary. Have many crossbowmen or archers, they will be the difference. Have your infantry or knights at the opening on the path, and send a single bowman to lure the enemy down. This will cause another large battle, but you will have the advantage as they will be walking right into a trap, into their horrific death.

Following the defeat of Walheim’s last guard, march forward and destroy the guard towers with your ranged units. After their destruction march your army forward and burn the fortress to the ground. We’ve captured the treacherous tyrant, Walheim shall be judged by King Karolus and his fate will be sealed. Victory is ours this day, rest up we march north tomorrow.



The Imperial Time Table:


  • Event 1: Time 00:03 – Walheim launches an assault on your town. Their force consists of 12 sword fighters, 12 pikemen, 12 crossbowmen and 16 lance carriers of Moorbach’s remaining traitors. Do not allow your bowmen to perish.

  • Event 2: Time 00:44 – The Rebel army attacks Walheim’s fortification, you might lend some aid to them as it will allow you to kill many of their soldiers. You cannot win this battle against them yet, but if they fall make sure your bowmen reach safety quickly do not allow the traitor’s army to follow your soldiers back home.

  • Event 3: Time 01:50 – The Rebel army attacks Walheim’s fortification, perhaps you have already started training soldiers again and want to lend aid to your allies. They’re army is much stronger as the level progresses.

  • Event 4: Time 02:45 – The Rebel army attacks Walheim’s fortification, by now you should have an army and should lend aid to your ally.

  • Event 5: Time 03:00 – Walheim unleashes his massive army to crush the rebellion; this is a horrible and tragic happening. You aren’t required to save your ally, as by now they’ve stopped building an army, you should concern yourself with your own defense for within the next week (4:00) Walheim’s army will march on us.

  • Event 6: Time 04:00 – Walheim unleashes his massive army to destroy your town; you should have a standing army and defense. It is unpredictable what kind of soldiers or how many attack, expect a large, very large legion of sword fighters, many crossbowmen and many pikemen, this is an army bred for a single purpose to eradicate your people.

  • Event 7: Time 04:35 – Our army marches to the fortress of Walheim and attacks them, they’re army has been exhausted but still in plentiful. This battle will decide how successful you are as a general, but a loss is not a complete waste for you can eliminate most of their army.

  • Event 8: Time 05:00 – Our army launches its second assault on the fortress of Walheim but is once again met with defeat. My armies so far have only consisted of axe fighters and some bowmen; we will march on them again and destroy them once and for all.

  • Event 9: Time 05:30 – Our army launches a third assault on the fortress of Walheim and successfully breaches the defenses, massacres the army and burns the encampment to the ground. All that is left is the summit fortress; I shall unleash my knights upon them.

  • Event 10: Time 06:00 – The final assault on the fortress of Walheim consisted of army of 24 knights and 24 crossbowmen. By drawing out their soldiers first the battle can be successful; a direct charge will end in defeat. Following a bloody battle the fortress has fallen and Walheim has been taken prisoner, Victory!


My Statistics:

A Swift Victory!

Lost: 24
Defeated: 168

Lost: 0
Destroyed: 10
Completed: 18

Units Trained: 31

Weapons Produced: 0
Soldiers Trained: 0

Time Completed: Time 01:16

An Epic Victory!

Lost: 218
Defeated: 596

Lost: 0
Destroyed: 17
Completed: 59

Units Trained: 308

Weapons Produced: 505
Soldiers Trained: 325

Time Completed: Time 06:34