The Shattered Kingdom Walkthrough


Mission 6 - Walheim's Swift RetaliationMission 6



Opponents: Walheim (Blue), Moorbach (Purple)

Allies: Lauenburg (Yellow)


Walkthrough by WFTonyD15



The Imperial Counsel:


  • The Mission can be beaten with your initial army.

  • The mission receives a difficult rating of Moderate.

  • Your army consists of 27 Axe Fighters, 21 Scouts and 30 Bowmen.

  • Your army consists of two squads of Axe Fights one of 15 and another 12, two squads of Scouts one of 12 and another of 9, and finally two squads of bowmen both of 15.



The Imperial Proposal:


  • This is your second battle mission. A battle mission consists of a predetermined amount of soldiers from both sides of the armies. The enemy shall always have more soldiers than you; they have a massive army in this sense compared to your few battalions of soldiers. It is in strategy that you shall achieve your victory.

  • This is the first battle you will face with an ally. Lauenburg has three large squads if lance carriers, they will hold off and fare well against Walheim’s horse riders. To ensure they aren’t overwhelmed position your bowmen to lend aid to them while staying out of the line of fire.

  • This battle requires some luck, sometimes Lauenburg’s forces are easily defeated and the enemy attacks you from both sides leading to your defeat.

  • Sometimes the last squads of the enemy don’t ride out into battle and you must seek them out, they are a squad of 15 axe fighters of Moorbach and a squad of 9 Knights of Walheim.



The Epic Tales:



The Only Path to Victory!


  • The Dawn of Battle is upon us. The enemy rides out against us in retaliation for their dishonorable defeat and seeks retribution in a single assault. The forces of Lauenburg have come to our aid and will play a large role in keeping the riders of Walheim at bay. Our army is strong and ready to defeat the enemy and repel them back yet again. We’ve fought for weeks, we are near the door step of Walheim’s fortress within days we shall be upon it, but first we must defeat his army.

  • As the battle is about to commence, Lauenburg’s soldiers will begin moving. You should organize your soldier’s. To the south set up your axe fighters and scouts near each other, lined up evenly with your bowmen a step behind them. This will be enough to hold off the enemy, keep your second scout squad available for wherever you might need to plug a hole in your lines. To the north, position your other bowmen near the soldiers of Lauenburg, but not to close as the enemy bowmen will fire upon them. The key is to use them as an aid of Lauenburg not a diversion, they are valuable soldiers. The last squad of axe fighters should be sent up north to aid the lance carriers from Moorbach’s Scouts. This will also prevent them from surrounding Lauenburg’s soldiers.

  • The battle will be hard; as long as you use your bowmen correctly you should overwhelm the enemy army. Continue to keep up the pressure, as for when you think it is over the enemy will send more soldiers in an effort to break your lines. The battle down south is the lesser of two evils; watch out for enemy bowmen sneaking through your lines. The enemy will prove a worthy adversary but you should defeat them with some luck. Always keep your eyes open, trust in the lance carriers of Lauenburg for they are the key to achieving victory.



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