The Shattered Kingdom Walkthrough


Mission 5 - A New Alliance, A New EnemyMission 5


Build a town

Opponents: Walheim (Blue) & Moorbach (Purple)

Allies: Lauenburg (Yellow)


Walkthrough by WFTonyD15




The Imperial Counsel:


  • The Mission can be beaten with your initial army.

  • The mission receives a difficult rating of Moderate.

  • This is the first mission you will be tested through tactics, skill and speed. You will be attacked from all sides by two different enemies looking to destroy both your allies’ town as well as your own. This is also the first mission which will contain iron armored soldiers proving to really give you a test at how good a captain of the guard you are.

  • Your army consists of 12 Militia, 9 Axe Fighters, 9 Lance carriers & 20 Bowmen.

  • Your camp is small but already has all the buildings necessary to begin construction at a quicker pace and you have a Barracks with supplies as well.

  • Lauenburg has a small camp north of yours; they will not expand nor train anymore soldiers. You must defend their soldiers at all costs.

  • Lauenburg’s army consists of 24 Lance carriers. They will be attacked three times and without aid will fall from the first attack, you must help them with your bowmen.



The Imperial Proposal:

  • This will be your first mission that allows you to train iron armored soldiers; you won’t have to as the enemy will not produce many. Walheim will produce many more leather armored soldiers and Moorbach does not produce any soldiers, but has many battalions of Knights at his disposal which will attack throughout the beginning of your mission. You must firstly protect the Lauenburger soldiers at all costs for if lost the mission shall be in vain.

  • Secondly you must defend your barracks from an impending scout attack, use your lance carriers to its defense, though wait for the scouts to begin attack the barracks and then sneak attack them to defeat them easily.You’ll be attacked a third time from the west by axe fighters, you have axe fighters and militia waiting near the gold mine, pull them back and wait for the attacks on Lauenburg to come to a halt before engaging these soldiers. You need all the man power you can muster at the moment.

  • Hence forth you will be required to produce your own gold chests as you are far away from your initial base to have a steady supply. Also in this level you’ll have a food shortage, as to you’ll need to establish an economy quickly as well as attack your enemy earlier than you might want to. You cannot support all of your initial army therefore the best soldiers to launch an attack are the militia, no need for them as you have axe fighters. The most important thing here is to protect your battalion of bowmen, they can defeat any attack coming your way with little to no infantry help.

  • Through my scout’s information, I’ve discovered that these commanders put in charge by Walheim are quite the cowards; they will not attack unless attacked. Nearly two weeks into the battle (02:00) not a single attack occurred since Moorbach’s last raid.

  • This can be a frustrating mission the first time around, it requires some luck and cunning as well. Plan smart and ahead, you must defeat the enemy and defend the camp of Lauenburg, this is an enormous feat for such a young captain but believe and you shall succeed.




Two Epic Tales:



A Swift Victory!


  • Let it be advised that you should also be building a small town during the swift victory method, as it takes luck to win this mission with your starting army. If all else fails you must then rebuild and army and Walheim will be training soldiers by the hundreds if you don’t act quickly this mission can get very messy if not carried out right.

  • This mission opens up with peace in the air and the birds humming beautiful sounds. A few seconds later chaos breaks loose upon your surrounding area from all sides, mostly towards the north most of the fighting takes place as Moorbach looks to crush the camp of Lauenburg. Quickly move all your bowmen behind Lauenburg’s lance carriers, next pull in your militia and axe fighters to avoid any outburst of combat and lastly send your lance carriers near your barracks in order to defend it from Moorbach’s scouts.

  • Following the battle’s it will not end here, within minutes Moorbach will attack yet again and you must stop them at all costs. Minutes later a third attack might or might not occur, don’t take the chance send your bowmen and lancers north to defeat the scouts hiding in the mountains. Following that get your bowmen back to base and defeat those axe fights outside your town. Finally it should be about time that your troops need food, feed them and move quickly for with this method you must move fast as their will not be enough food next time around. Replenish your army with a few lancers and whatever else you can spare you must move out against the enemy immediately.

  • You should attack the southern entrance of Walheim’s base and slowly lure out the enemy and defeat them. They will have a small army, axe fighters, scouts and many bowmen. Don’t get sucked into their territory as their bowmen will decimate your army. After defeating the forces there, their reserves in the north will come down and attack you as well after defeating them there will be nothing left stopping you from destroying their town.

  • While burning the town to the ground you’ll make your way north where Moorbach’s remaining cavalry await you, defeat their small force and destroy their storehouse and you shall claim victory over your opponents to win the day.



An Epic Victory!
The task assigned to you this time requires both strategy and some luck. I will guide you on your way, firstly to ensure you understand me I’ve mapped out how to correctly go about planning your settlement and also protecting it from the initial attack only moments into your game. You should read each part carefully and plan carefully, but quickly.

As the sun rises and your town is seen you must act very quickly to ensure your ally is protected from the dreaded knights of Moorbach. March your bowmen directly behind the lines of Lauenburg’s Lance carriers. Your assistance will ensure the survival of his soldiers, now we must turn to our own settlement’s defense. Send your lance carriers to the barracks; station them in the coal mines near the mountain facing south. This will allow them to surprise attack Moorbach’s scouts and lessen your loses. Finally draw in your militia and axe fighters from the wilderness into your town. The enemy will send brigades of axe fighters to attack but they will only wander in confusion, you shall deal with them later.

You shall come to your first break point of the battling. I would advise to construct two woodcutter’s huts and then a saw mill to ensure you have enough wood for the town’s construction but you can also get a head start of producing weapons. Do bother constructing a weapons workshop yet, instead construct another quarry. If time allows following this, I would construct two vineyards and possibly a fisherman’s hut. Usually wine is the last concern, but if you want your army and people to survive you should construct these buildings.

Following the battle’s it will not end here, within minutes Moorbach will attack yet again and you must stop them at all costs. Minutes later a third attack might or might not occur, don’t take the chance send your bowmen and lancers north to defeat the scouts hiding in the mountains. Following that get your bowmen back to base and defeat those axe fights outside your town. Finally it should be about time that your troops need food, feed them. Your food reserves are very low following this. Hopefully you’ve been constructing your town.

If you’ve been constructing your town in between the breaks of battle you are well on your way to defending your settlement, if not you’re going to have many problems feeding not only your soldiers but more importantly your subjects. As of now you should construct two or three farms, this will provide you with a decent amount of wheat. If you’d like to build more your welcome to, it’s completely up to you. Now following their construction you should build a swine farm, building this first will allow you to get both hides which allow you to make leather and pigs which will give you sausage. Sausage is the food of the people; it fills them up and allows them to work harder for a longer period of time. Whenever your swine farms are built construct a butcher and tannery.

Hopefully you’ve been doing well, keeping your people well feed and building your settlement up. You have the option of training soldiers with iron weapons & armor but it really isn’t a priority. If you want to for the experience factor then go ahead, what you should do however is construct a gold mine and a coal mine near Lauenburg’s small encampment. You will need gold to train more subjects and soon soldiers.

Following this, you should construct a Metallurgist to make gold chests. It’s not very hard; construct it near your mines for maximum efficiency. It’s always good to take a look at your settlement and see how things are going, if your storehouse seems trafficked construct a new one somewhere far off from the original one. This will allow your subjects to lessen the traffic and also speed their work ethic up.

Food is always a priority, if you haven’t already constructed a few more farms to support your new buildings. By this I mean a few mills, flour will go to your bakery when you construct it and you will have bread added to your economy. Making sausages is very timely process, it requires a lot of wheat, and bread is easier to produce but is still good. You can really go either way, but I’ve always preferred producing sausage before I produce bread.

The economy of your town should be set. Now it’s time to move towards your military, hopefully things have remained quiet and the enemy has not attacked you. Even if it has your initial force should be more than enough to defeat them. I would suggest constructing two weapons workshops and two armor workshops. Make sure you have a good amount of serfs as well, not an over population that is standing around but a good size around 40. Within some time you should have enough equipment to train soldiers. Your army is your own; a suggestion would be a few brigades of axe fighters and maybe one of lance carriers. Bowmen are always important the more the better, they make a huge difference.

You’ve got two choices now, attack the northern base of Moorbach defended by his Knights, here is where lance carriers will serve their purpose, two brigades and bowmen will do the job. Starting the war in the north will draw Walheim army from the south upwards; it makes planning strategy harder unless your entire army is waiting. Or if you station your army to the south and slowly draw out the soldiers of Walheim, this battle will be much grander, this late into your campaign they will have a very large army, even soldiers equipped with iron weapons. Don’t fear them, numbers will overwhelm them, if you feel at a disadvantage I’ll go over creating an iron equipped military.

You are provided a few iron deposits near your barracks to the south and a two well sized coal deposits. You can build a few coal mines; three is efficient even four as your smiths will need a steady supply as well. Construct two iron mines as well, following this construct a iron smithy so that you can smelt iron which will be used to create swords and powerful iron armament. What can become a dire need during this process is coal, the iron smith requires coal and so do both smithies. Make sure you have enough and enough serfs to bring goods quickly, it would also be wise to construct a store house in this area.

The process of creating an army of iron soldiers is much longer but they are twice as powerful in a smaller number compared to soldiers using wooden weapons and leather armor. In fact the most important unit is the crossbowmen, if anything you could defeat a large enemy army with only two brigades of infantry and 3 brigades of crossbowmen, their bolted arrows are deadly and will put down soldiers with ease.

Save your game before you initiate battle. When you are ready, march your army south and prepare them fighters in front, archers in back. Slowly draw out the enemy by sending a single bowman to fire a warning shot this will send the enemy storming out. It will be a long bloody battle, both sides will lose incredibly numbers but Walheim will lose the battle. Just continue the method of drawing them out, after the initial shot and once the battle commences all of Walheim’s army will ride out to meet your army so be prepared to fight to the death. If by some chance you lose this battle, reload and try again using different tactics the point of this is to become a better strategist and general.

With the fall of Walheim’s army you should raid his large encampment and burn it to the ground, these traitors to the crown have no right and have lost their freedom. Slaughter every single traitor you find. Eventually you will see dark purple flags, the small camp of Moorbach, be prepared, line up your soldiers and send an archer to draw the knights out. This time lancer carriers or pike men in front if you have any or regular infantry will do. As long as you have archers or crossbowmen you can defeat any enemy army. Following another bloody battle burn the traitors camp to the ground and capture him, we claim Victory in the name of the King!



The Imperial Time Table:

  • Event 1: Time 00:00 – Moorbach’s Knights attacks Lauenburg from the north, while his Scouts make way to attack your barracks through a small back passage. Walheim’s axe fighters attack from the west; they come to attack your infantry.

  • Event 2: Time 00:05 – Moorbach’s Knights attacks Lauenburg from the north yet again, this will be Moorbach’s last attack on Lauenburg. A third attack occurs sometimes as well, both on the Lauenburger troops and your barracks yet again, you can stop this by sending your soldiers forward to the north and attack the enemy hiding at the top of the map, to the north not their actually encampment.

  • Event 3: Time 02:30 – Some of Walheim’s soldiers wandered near our encampment, our soldiers initiated combat. This resulted in a near destruction of Walheim’s army.

  • Event 4: Time 03:45 – My army leads the final assault to the north in order to first defeat the forces of Moorbach, and then make our way south destroying all of Walheim’s encampment on the way, faced minor resistance but nothing a moderate sized army can’t handle.



My Statistics:


A Swift Victory!

Lost: 45
Defeated: 264

Lost: 0
Destroyed: 18
Completed: 8

Units Trained: 40

Weapons Produced: 0
Soldiers Trained: 18

Time Completed: Time 00:52

An Epic Victory!

Lost: 103
Defeated: 594

Lost: 0
Destroyed: 25
Completed: 38

Units Trained: 160

Weapons Produced: 271
Soldiers Trained: 85

Time Completed: Time 04:53