The Shattered Kingdom Walkthrough


Mission 4 - The Fortress of LauenburgMission 4


Build a town

Opponents: Lauenburg (Yellow)

Allies: N/A


Walkthrough by WFTonyD15



The Imperial Counsel:


  • The Mission can be beaten with your initial army.

  • The mission receives a difficult rating of Easy.

  • Your army consists of 12 Axe Fighters, 9 Lance carriers & 12 Bowmen.

  • Your settlement consists of a few pre-constructed buildings. The most important building in the school house has been left out unfortunately.

  • Lauenburg’s northern settlement is vast and has a defending army consisting of 12 scouts, 12 axe fighters, 12 lance carriers & 36 bowmen.

  • Lauenburg’s southern fortress is small in size but well defended by watchtowers and an army of its own consisting of 8 scouts, 8 axe fighters & 18 bowmen. Their barracks is also defended by three watchtowers.

  • Both of Lauenburg’s settlements will work alone and will not provide aid to each other so it is one more advantage you will not receive too often.



The Imperial Proposal:


  • This will be your first mission where you will be responsible for producing your own gold chests after your coffers behind to run low. You have to go about constructing your basic economy quicker than you have in previous missions in order to get your mining industry constructed to stand a chance. While doing both of these you are also going to have to get your military foundations set at the very least as you’ll need troops very early on.

  • The enemy will attack you with a very large force at 01:35 in the mission. Since your town is so close to the enemy the initial battle will only be one of a series of them as the enemy will keep attacking until either they are all defeated or your army is defeated. The enemy is very aggressive in this level and you are going to have to be as well.

  • This mission ahead provides an experience like none previously faced, you’ll have to use great strategy and tactics to come out victorious. Whether you choose the swift defeat method or an epic one you’ll still need to approach both seriously. A strong defense will be your best offense as eventually the northern settlement slows down its troop production only continuing by training militias but the southern fortress will continue to train a strong army.

  • You have a small army, but having bowmen makes your small force one to be reckoned with if used right. They can only defend your town for so long before a great army rides in to defeat them, though they shall put up an excellent defense and defeat many they will fall. Unfortunate you will not be able to build watch towers in this mission again; they will not be available for a short time until your engineers develop a blueprint for them.

  • You must always consider this as well; your town defense is dependent on a strong economy as if you don’t have that you won’t be able to support a large army. As soon as your economy is stable begin training your soldiers, but while the economy is building produce as much weapons and armor as you like. This will also be the first time you have access to a Stables, a building which grows horses, you don’t have to train scouts it’s complexly up to you.



Two Epic Tales:


A Swift Victory!


  • The mission opens up with a sense of calm in their air, but soon mayhem will break loose. Firstly you should assemble your soldiers into a tactful formation with bowmen behind your axe fighters and your lace carriers to decide. You will use a single bowman to draw out the enemy, depending on which one you face will be the soldiers in front of your bowmen. If the scouts march out first have your lacers in front, if either the axe fighters or lance carriers march out keep your axe fighters in front. You have to first defeat them first before attempting to defeat their archers who will provide a problem. Keep your losses to a minimum; if you lose too many soldiers reload the game.

  • Always save the game in between battles for insurance. After you defeat the front runners, use the same method to slowly lure out the archers and defeat them by using your axe fighter’s positioned at the entrance to the bridge near the water, facing down ready to storm attack the incoming archers. Battalion by battalion they will fall and you shall be able to destroy the entire northern settlement.

  • Dealing with the southern fortress is truly a test; use the same methods by drawing out the enemy soldiers and defeating them one group at a time. Beware though, after the scouts are defeated you have a clear way to the barracks but do not yet attack as Lauenburg has axe fighters to the east of you make sure to defeat all the enemy soldiers before attacking the enemy watchtowers and making way to capturing the enemy fortress. Beware of the enemy archers for they can destroy your army very quickly, use tactics and be patient a victory will come in due time.



An Epic Victory!
Following an ambush and a long two days march your remaining soldiers arrive at a small town just near the enemy encampment. They also have rinsed against the dastardly prince and receive you in open arms as they agree to provide you with a base to commence your frontal assault. Immediately you gaze around the surroundings and realize this town has been well established, already producing food which takes some worry off our backs. Unfortunately the most important building has not been constructed; the schoolhouse of course! Construct it immediately. Following this construct a quarry and woodcutters hut. Now you’ve completed the necessary requirements of your basic resources and economics.

You are now given two options; you may either construct gold and coal mines and later a metallurgist to begin producing gold chests or the second option is to continue the economics by constructing more farms and getting a better source of food income. The better decision is the first as you’ll need to get into building military workshops very soon. You must work steadily to insure you survive. You’ll have enough time before any initial assault to construct all the buildings needed to make your small town into a booming settlement. Now on to construction, make sure the mines are completed quickly and get the metallurgist up quickly near your schoolhouse and storehouse for a maximum efficiency. Now you should go on to complete many more farms three to four should be effective enough for now and since you already have a prebuilt farm you should construct a swine farm, a mill and another bakery ahead of time as well.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your laborers get all this done in a short time. When you feel you’re ready construct a Barracks where you deem good, near your school house is always a good choice and then construct a weapons workshop or two. Hopefully by the time all these are constructed your swine farm is going well, as you’ll now need to construct a butcher and most importantly a tanner. After the tanner is completed quickly construct two armor workshops, you’ll need to work fast as the time for battle is approaching quickly. Nearly a few days into the game (01:30) the forces of Lauenburg will ride against your town, mainly there are two possible outcomes of the enemy. To be sure of which town is attacking here is a clue, if infantry soldiers are attacking it is the north, but if cavalry are attacking it is the south. The cavalry will be a larger force, but the infantry will be a series of battles. You must defend the town at all costs; constructing a town hall is also a big time life saver and some extra insurance. The outcome of the battle determines your next move, if you win regroup and build up and army and begin your assault of the northern and finally eventually the southern enemy. If you have lost rebuild your army and again begin your assault before the enemy grows into an unstoppable mass.

From here on out it truly is up to you to lead your army to victory. You must be tactful in your movements, drawing out the enemy and defeating them one by one, though if you have a large enough army with many brigades of bowmen a full frontal assault is not out of the question, and a battle on the bridge is quite an epic sight indeed. Having three brigades of axe fighters, two brigades of lance carriers and five brigades of bowmen is enough to win the day. And if your army falters you can always train more, but be careful and forewarned you do not have an infinite supply of gold, it is quite limited actually you’ll have no more than an estimated amount near 500 or a bit more.

If you manage to destroy the northern settlement you must regroup and than once again slowly draw out and defeat the southern fortress of Lauenburg. The southern fortress will be much stronger containing a large amount of scouts and bowmen keep your lance carriers to the front and your axe fighters towards the sides with the bowmen in good position to strike quickly. With some luck you can defeat the enemy rather quickly and then march towards the fortress in with Lauenburg’s governor commands and capture him.

Following nearly a week of endless battles and hundreds of lives lost, your brave and stalwart troops have managed to capture the fortress of Lauenburg. He shall be tried justly and than his faith shall be decided by the noble King Karolus. As the sun begins to rise, the troops turn their heads as to view the battle site around them; the night had been a blood bath indeed. For only the brave find their way to the plains of Camelot where these brave knights live forever in eternity. All that is left is to bow our heads in respect and ready ourselves for the next test that lies ahead of us.



The Imperial Time Table:


  • Event 1: Time 01:30 – Lauenburg launches the first of a series of attacks. Many scouts and bowmen will attack you.

  • Event 2: Time 01:35 – (This battle occurs if your initial battle occurs near the stone bridge) Lauenburg launches a second assault on your forces. Lance carriers, axe fighters and bowmen will attack you.

  • Event 3: Time 01:40 – (This battle will occur after the second battle near the stone bridge) Lauenburg unleashes the northern army to defeat your soldiers, many scouts and all the remaining bowmen, axe fighters and militia will attack you.

  • Event 4: Time 02:20 – The southern province of Lauenburg will unleash a massive force of scouts, lancers and bowmen. This force has only one intention in its mind and that is to destroy your army and than your entire town.

  • Event 5: Time 02:30 – My soldiers launch an attack on the Northern Province and destroy it. My army consists of 12 lance carriers, 24 bowmen and 12 axe fighters.

  • Event 6: Time 02:55 – My soldiers begin an attack on the Southern fortress of Lauenburg. My army consisted of 24 bowmen, and 12 lance carriers. This ended in a defeat for my soldiers and I was forced to rebuild my army.

  • Event 7: Time 03:30 – My final assault on the Southern fortress of Lauenburg. My army consisted of 24 axe fighters and 24 bowmen. This was a victory for my soldiers and ended in a mission complete and the capture of Lauenburg.



My Statistics:


A Swift Victory!

Lost: 15
Defeated: 216

Lost: 0
Destroyed: 27
Completed: 8

Units Trained: 18

Weapons Produced: 0
Soldiers Trained: 0

Time Completed: Time 00:51

An Epic Victory!

Lost: 133
Defeated: 563

Lost: 0
Destroyed: 27
Completed: 27

Units Trained: 350

Weapons Produced: 344
Soldiers Trained: 127

Time Completed: Time 04:12