The Shattered Kingdom Walkthrough

Mission 3 - The Road to the Baron of Lauenburg Mission 3



Opponents: Lauenburg (Yellow)

Allies: N/A


Walkthrough by WFTonyD15



The Imperial Counsel:

  • The Mission can be beaten with your initial army.

  • The mission receives a difficult rating of Easy.

  • Your army consists of 24 Axe Fighters and 24 Bowmen.


The Imperial Proposal:

  • This is your first battle mission. A battle mission consists of a predetermined amount of soldiers from both sides of the armies. The enemy shall always have more soldiers than you; they have a massive army in this sense compared to your few battalions of soldiers. It is in strategy that you shall achieve your victory.

  • Use your bowmen to your advantage by placing them closely behind your axe fighters and they will obliterate your enemy opposition.


The Epic Tale:


The Only Path to Victory!
The sun rising over the mountain pass brings a sense of relief to the army of King Karolus. Knowing they are approaching the heavily fortified encampment of the enemy they will soon be engaging their largest and fiercest advisory yet. They are strong hearted and battle tested, but perhaps they shall be tested early or perhaps it shall be an ill omen of what is next to come. A scout is seen riding steady and delivers a message to your commander.

The mission begins with your army marching down the road to the Baron of Lauenburg, but within moments scouts report you are about to be ambushed and must immediately shall your advance. Quickly regroup into battle formations, set up your infantry in front one battalion to the left and one to the right with a gap in the center. Use your bowmen behind each battalion and the small squad of bowmen close to the gap in center.

The enemy shall waste no time in attacking your forces with all it has. Every single available troop that you’ve seen thus far shall be present of the enemy’s side and they will hit hard from two sides, but do not be overcome on either side. Use your squad of bowmen to keep a balance of whoever is losing their ground and overcome the enemy force. Soon the enemy force will be dispatched of and you may continue your march onwards.

Another battle has been won by the forces of King Karolus thanks to your excellent leadership. You shall be rewarded upon your return, but that is not the matter of the moment for you must continue onward as a new day brings new advisories and a new enemy.


My Statistics:

Lost: 5
Defeated: 81

Lost: 0
Destroyed: 0
Completed: 0

Units Trained: 0

Weapons Produced: 0
Soldiers Trained: 0

Time Completed: Time 00:05