The Shattered Kingdom Walkthrough


Mission 2 – The Southern Gate of Walheim Mission 2


Build a town
Opponents: Walheim (Blue)
Allies: N/A


Walkthrough by WFTonyD15


The Imperial Counsel:

  • The mission can be beaten with your initial army.
  • The mission receives a difficult rating of Easy.
  • Your army consists of 8 Axe Fighters, 6 Bowmen & 12 Militia.
  • Your settlement consists of only a Storehouse.
  • Walheim’s army consists of 20 Axe Fighters, 12 Militia, 9 Bowmen & 9 Scouts.
  • Walheim’s settlement is fully built containing all the buildings available to you except the Stables. A Barracks will begin producing soldiers very soon into the game.


The Imperial Proposal:

  • The surrounding area is vast enough to construct a well sized town. You begin only with a single storehouse and are at a free liberty to build your town as you would have it. You should use this mission to familiarize yourself with the buildings and how many you should have of each dealing with economics and attempting to achieve a maximum output of your resources.
  • Constructing a school house and Inn before the initial attack commences is highly advised as to the fact you can get your town started immediately.
  • If your soldiers are defeated in the first attack by Walheim they will turn back and retreat to their town, they will not destroy your town. This will only happen once, the second assault though will come much quicker if you don’t win and could result in a total defeat.
  • You can actually prevent the initial attack from happening by engaging the enemy outside of their base, do not directly attack as they have over 50 soldiers, but slowly lure out one brigade at a time. Just eliminating the scouts will prevent the attack, but you can actually lure all the soldiers out and eventually destroy the town within 35 Minutes tops.


Two Epic Tales:


A Swift Victory!

  • As soon as you gain control of your soldiers you should immediately decided whether you are either going to win now, or have a long mission; in this case you’re going to win quickly. Now you should move your militia out in front as they’re less vital to winning the mission. Place five bowmen behind them as you’ll need the last one to draw out the enemy soldiers. Lastly place the axe men towards the left side close to your militia as an extra aid.
  • Draw out the scouts first; they’ll be easy to take care of. Make sure you’re near the mountain near your town and not the passage near their town as if you’re to close all of the soldiers will march out and attack. You’ll probably lose 5 or less militia which isn’t bad anymore would be and you might need to reload. Following this regroup your soldiers and then draw out the first brigade of axe fighters, you’ll lose more militia after this attack but you’ll now be close to victory. Regroup again and now add your axe fighters to the militia, hopefully you still have about 6 left. Now lure out the enemy militia and defeat them, you’ll lose more soldiers but once again regroup and defeat the last of the enemy’s infantry.
  • You’ve pretty much claimed victory at this point, march your infantry near the bridge and then carefully lure out the enemy bowmen, with some wit you’ll do this successfully, and due to the terrible knowledge of the soldiers they’ll march into your infantry and be massacred. Upon this go about burning the entire town to the ground or just destroy what you need to in order to get the quick victory.


An Epic Victory!

A new day has dawned upon the shattered kingdom, but someone already has made it to be darkened. The road to Walheim is blocked not only by a dangerous path of mountains and heavily fortified outposts but by a main fortification known as the southern gate. It is heavily defended and ready to build a vast and devastating fighting force. It is one of the two paths that stand in the way of reaching the fortress of Walheim and driving the treacherous and deceitful scoundrel out of the land. The King’s newly appointed captain has already arrived outside of the southern gate and set up base there, it has been entrusted in him to lead out the campaign against the rebellious barons of the kingdom from here on out.

As the mission begins it is in best interests of the town to construct a Schoolhouse near the Storehouse with some double row roads to increase the capacity of traffic aloud. Following its construction an Inn should also be built in order to provide a place where your servants may dine. During this time you should receive an urgent message from your scouts reporting an enemy strike force assembling and about to move out to attack your encampment. You have two choices now, stand your ground or lure out the enemy to prevent an attack and allow a much longer period of time between the first and second attacks by Walheim’s army. Choosing the first method is leaning more towards an experienced captain, while the second a less experienced one.

After the construction of the Inn you must turn your attention towards gathering the natural resources needed to continue to construction of your town. Have your soldiers survey the surrounding area as well if you haven’t already. Construct two Quarries near the large rock mountain, and then construct two or more Woodcutters Huts in areas with high foliage. Following this make sure you construct a Sawmill to begin taking those tree trunks and making wood so you may construct more homes and industries. During this period either you have lured out a battalion of enemies or you have defeated the enemy assault. Hopefully you have and still have soldiers left or you will have to divert from continuing your economy to constructing a Weapons Workshop and Barracks and immediately training some Militia as a town defense.

You need to construct your town at a quicker pace than most of the missions as the enemy will quickly regroup. Following your basic resources you should turn your attention to establishing a steady food source. Start by constructing a few farms about three to four should be efficient enough for now. Usually you will construct two to three more as the mission follows through as you will then have an idea about how much wheat is needed for your supply and demand chain. Now personally I always build a two swine farms before I build the mills, in actuality sausages will sustain your people longer than the bread and wine would combined. It’s also your choice if you want to construct a fisherman’s hut, I built one along the way but it is a last resort kind of thing. Following the construction of the farms build a butchery and tanner and that will be the end of that. By the way the tanner produces leather to make leather armor for your soldiers.

Focus should now be turned to building your mills and bakery; you should probably get to those extra farms as well if you want extra wheat supplies. This will help completely balance your food supply now with that settled feel free to build a vineyard as well to just have the extra supplies to feed your army, why waste sausages on soldiers when wine and fish are just as good. This will be the end of the economy for the mission building other buildings is up to you; feel free to as it can only benefit you not hurt you. Now you should immediately focus on constructing a military force to not only defend yourself from an impending enemy assault but as well as a force to destroy the enemy.

It is wise to have large wood reserves, building an extra forester and sawmill is optional but will help provide a larger surplus of wood. Construct a barracks first, near your school house but now near enough so that it is in a congested area, somewhere your recruits may arrive without hassle. Near the barracks should be two weapons workshops and two armor workshops to ensure your output of weapons and armor is quick and easy. The army is your choice in the end, but I will provide you with some tips of what is a good arrangement of soldiers.
You don’t need many melee soldiers as you may think, two to three brigades is plenty for a small campaign such as the one you are currently facing. The key to winning is by having three to four squads of bowmen which will obliterate the enemy forces with ease. The enemy should have launched a second assault already and hopefully you survived it if not than at least your producing soldiers, if you’re not may the gods have mercy on you.

The simplest way to defeat this enemy force is by luring them from their camp and slowly wiping them out one by one. After this their town will be completely defenseless as they have no watchtowers guarding the town, walk in and burn the entire town to the ground, kill every man alive and show them no mercy for they have shown you none nor will they for the remainder of your campaign. After leveling their Barracks to the ground you shall win the day, but it is not over yet for your next task is to make a march towards the fortress of Lauenburg, but before you reach it you must eliminate the rallying forces of Lauenburg who have bared the way. This is the next chapter in our tale; excellent job on this day for the next victory shall not come so easily.

The sky darkens on this day as it soon shall begin to rain; the waters from heaven shall wash the blood filled armaments of your soldiers the stained grounds of the surroundings. The gods weep for this is only a small testament of what is soon to come in the coming months.


The Imperial Time Table:

  • Event 1: Time 00:00 – Prepare for the oncoming assault by Walheim’s army.
  • Event 2: Time 01:10 – Second Assault by Walheim’s army.
  • Event 3: Time 01:35 – Third Assault by Walheim’s army.
  • Event 4: Time 02:00 – Siege of Walheim’s town and defeat of his army.