The Shattered Kingdom Walkthrough



Mission 1 – King Karolus's Last Hope Mission 1


Build a town
Opponents: Lauenburg (Yellow), Walheim (Blue)
Allies: N/A


Walkthrough by WFTonyD15



The Imperial Counsel:

  • The mission can be beaten with your initial army.
  • The mission receives a difficult rating of Easy.
  • Your army consists of 10 Axe Fighters & 50 Militia.
  • Your settlement consists of many basic buildings & a Barracks. (Save the Watchtowers)
  • Lauenburg's attacking army consists of 25 Lance Carriers & 9 Axe Fighters.
  • Lauenburg's defending army consists of 20 Lance Carriers & 22 Bowmen.
  • Lauenburg's settlement is considered a fortress as it has a Barracks.
  • Walheim's army consists of 10 Axe Fighters & 28 Axe Fighters.
  • Walheim's settlement only consists of 2 buildings a Storehouse & an Inn.

The Imperial Proposal:

  • Saving your western watchtower is an important part of providing your city with much needed defense. In order to accomplish this quickly deploy the brigade of Militia’s located near the Barracks as soon as the level begins.
  • Your brigade of Axe Fighters on the bridge can handle themselves though not many will remain, sending aid to them as soon as possible is much appreciated and will also help in your assault of defeating the remaining forces of Walheim. Use the brigade of Militias which you initially used to save the watchtower.
  • Do not pay much mind to the havoc occurring throughout the city, your forces will rally to the cities defense immediately. The only soldiers that remain idle are the small brigade of Militia that you have been using all throughout the beginning of the mission.
  • You are provided with 20 leather armors in your Barracks. It is much advised that you used these to train 20 bowmen not only in aid to the defense of your city but they will rain havoc all over the enemy’s army and quicken your conquest over the enemy.
  • Lastly Walheim shall not produce any more soldiers throughout the mission; Lauenburg on the other hand will continue producing all types of Leather Armor soldiers throughout the mission and launch a few small unorganized attacks on your city.

Two Epic Tales:


A Swift Victory!

  • Following the Cinematic Movie you will gain control of your forces. Immediately deploy your Militia forces east of the Barracks to defeat the enemies attacking the Western Watchtower and also assist your Axe Fighters on the bridge.
  • After defeating all of the enemy forces occupying your settlement rally your forces together and head out to face the forces of Walheim.
  • Set up a formation so that you can attack the Axe men on the hillside from both the south and west in order to prevent any major casualties. Following this skirmish more will rain down from their encampment until defeated; make quick work of them and then send your soldiers to raise the town to the ground.
  • Once again rally your soldiers and now set out to destroy the forces of Lauenburg. Storm attack if you wish the bowmen, never! Attack the forces of Lauenburg head on you will die without mercy. After attacking the Lance Carriers will begin, make easy work of them, following this reinforcements will come to the aid of their allies to no avail and will die by the Axe as well. When all the forces are defeated, burn the city to the ground.

An Epic Victory!


As the sun rises from over the ocean, fire is seen all throughout the town. The settlement is in flames and thunderous crashes are heard as buildings are being demolished by the least likely of all foes. The Baron of Lauenburg had ordered an attack on the sleeping town of the King, when all was thought to have been lost and hope was thought to have failed the good people of King Karolus’s kingdom rose up to the defense of the town. Immediately the King had ordered a full defense of the kingdom to slam back the invaders from the north, but was this force strong enough to repel the army of Lauenburg and with more bad news Walheim had also launched a surprise attack.

Immediately you should order your brigade of Militia east of the Barracks to save the Western Watchtower before it has been raised. The remaining Militia in the town will flock to its center to encounter the soldiers terrorizing the citizens fleeing in panic. North of the town, its entrance a lonely bridge is being crossed by the forces of both enemy armies and only a small force of Axe Men are present to repel the charging troops. If your militias make it in time to save the watch tower direct them next to lend aid to your soldiers on the bridge. Following nearly hours of battle, the enemy force is completely extinguished from your settlement.

After the dust has settled, it is time to begin repairing damaged and destroyed buildings. First and foremost train some additional serfs and replace any murdered servants. After repairing the damaged buildings it is time to start working on your settlement by providing a source of food and raw materials. Not much is necessary as it is a small island and not very blessed with fertile law and raw minerals. Constructing a Quarry is important due to having extra stones to build roads and for your watchtowers. Following this you should build a couple of farms to keep your mill steadily replenished and then a bakery to produce bread for your servants. Building a vineyard and/or fisherman’s hut are not necessary but make a nice addition to your town. That is all that is required to be built in the town, now it is time to turn focus to your military and defeating the enemy to the north.

Following a period of peace the forces of Lauenburg should once again launch an attack upon your settlement but it should be easily defeated by your watchtowers and any remaining bowmen can be defeated by your militia. Now it is time to become an offensive force by defeating the forces of Walheim and riding the land of his forces. Build 9 more arrows to compile 20 total in your barracks and then recruit 20 bowmen to your army. In order to train soldiers you must train recruits at the schoolhouse and they’ll occupy the barracks and then after obtaining the correct items will be ready to be equipped and fight for you. March your soldiers out to the west near the hilltop mound. Position your soldiers to face the enemy Axe Fighters from both the south and the east with your bowmen behind them to easily dispatch of the enemy. There will be a total of 4 skirmishes and then no more soldiers shall remain. March toward their encampment and raise it to the ground.

Following this position your soldiers for the final assault again the Baron of Lauenburg. Attack the enemy bowmen from behind, following this send your bowmen in over either, the hilltop or the back road, either way just have them aiding your infantry. After defeating an initial force more Lance carriers and bowmen will come to their comrade’s aid, also they’ve been building an army as well, axe fighters and militia will come from the east to attack. With even a small force of infantry the bowmen will provide all the needed support to defeat the enemy soldiers. Following the lengthy battle march your soldiers into the town and burn it to the ground in retaliation for your fallen comrades and people.

Alas the sun is setting over the horizon; blood has been spilled this day. Victory is a great cause for the Kingdom but at what cost has it come, it shall be a long and bloody road to reach the fortress of Prince Lothar.


The Imperial Time Table:

  • Event 1: Time 00:00 – Defense of your Town
  • Event 2: Time 00:15 – Retaliation on the forces of Walheim
  • Event 3: Time 00:35 – Lauenburg’s second invasion
  • Event 4: Time 00:50 – The assault on Lauenburg’s city