The Peasants Rebellion Walkthrough



Mission 2

Mission 2 - The Second Wave of Rebellion

Battle.gif Battle Mission


Opponents: 1 (Olive Green)

Difficulty: Easy


Walkthrough by Litude


Designed for: 1.58 SR2





General Tips

  • This is a normal battle mission in which neither you nor your enemy has a base

  • It is a good idea to use your knights, circle around the enemy army, and kill their eventually weak rogues

  • Generally this is a very easy mission, but for a good outcome you need to be fast!



Detailed Walkthrough


Cavalry ChargeDo not think twice, enemy vagabonds are charging at your army! Firstly, take your pikemen and lance carriers with bowmen assisting them from behind to form a barrier just a bit east of this enemy bakery. Then take your knights and send them into the friendly village taking the path just south of the battlefield. This is to allow them to attack enemy rogues with ease later on. To help you on your way, a screenshot can be seen on the right.

While this fight is going on, order your knights to move more to the north. Now you should see some additional enemy troops coming, some militia and axe fighters plus rogues. Task your axe fighters west of this rock to prevent any enemy soldiers from passing here. Then try attacking the enemy rogues with your knights without alerting the infantry, but even if you do manage to make the infantry attack you, you should be ok. Push forward with your army as soon as possible so as to assist your knights that might have got themselves into trouble. At this point, another small troop of vagabonds should start closing in, so just try to counter them with your pikemen with some bowmen assisting in the fight.
Moving Out
When this attack has been cleared, take your remaining knights and send them to the southwest behind the allied inn. This is to make sure they can charge at further rogues and that they will not draw the attention of the incoming enemy scouts. Also place your pikemen and lance carriers to the east of this rock with bowmen backing them up. You might also need to send some axe fighters west of the rock to prevent enemy militia from attacking your defenseless bowmen.

At the point when the soldiers meet and the fight starts, constantly make sure that your bowmen are firing at the enemy troops. If they are not, move them a bit forwards. Find your knights and circle around the enemy scouts and axe fighters that should be coming in.
The Battle
Now all enemy troops from the western side of this "rock" should have been cleared, so send all of your remaining infantry to assist your lance carriers and pikemen and also make sure that your bowmen are firing in this direction. Also your knights should now be free to attack the enemy rogues, so do not hesitate, charge! Now just sit tightly and watch the battle. Your knights will have to be re-commanded quite often to attack the next troop of rogues as they will die quite fast.


It should not take long till you see the last of the rebels being defeated in front of you, and so you will be victorious! Congratulations! In the next mission it's time to take a look at building up a town for war.