The Peasants Rebellion Walkthrough



Mission 1

Mission 1 - The Peasants Rebellion

Battle.gif Battle Mission


Opponents: 1 (Olive Green)

Difficulty: Medium


Walkthrough by Litude


Desgined for: 1.58 SR2





General Tips

  • This is a battle mission, meaning that your opponent has a limited number of soldiers

  • Unlike most battle missions, you actually have a base capable of producing soldiers in this missions

  • The recommended soldiers to produce in this mission are sword fighters and axe fighters

  • Use all your iron to produce long shields

  • Do not let both of your allied storehouses be destroyed! This will lead to enemy victory!



Detailed Walkthrough



When you get the control, go just north of the main bridge to your base and you will find some lance carriers and scouts. Send the scouts to engage the enemy axe fighters that should be fighting some peasants south of the village. Meanwhile take your lance carriers and order them close to the friendly farm in the north. Try sending one of your lance carrier troops more northwards, so that no additional enemy troops can pass from there. Incase you find it hard to understand what I'm trying to explain, see the picture on the right.


Now send your pikemen that are stationed at the walls to the friendly peasant village that is under attack and assist the scouts (enemy cavalry will charge the scouts later, so yes this is a good move). Then find your barracks, and just south of it, a troop of sword fighters are stationed. Order even them to attack to support your scouts.

While your troops are marching, queue up as many recruits as possible from the school house, order 10 long shields from your armor smithy and make sure to disable delivery of wares to the weapon smithy.

Fighting the axe fighters in the west with your scouts is not as easy as it might sound. The enemy scouts (or vagabonds) will most likely decide that the scouts would be a better target for them than the lance carriers. Because of this, you should by all possible means try to make sure that one or more of your lance carriers starts fighting with the scouts (or vagabonds) before they have managed to reach your scouts. This might sound kind of dumb at first (it's not like you could move them whilst in battle), but at least one of your lance carrier troops should be free to move at the point when the enemy scouts have finished their business in the north and start charging at your scouts in the south. More than likely, one or more troops will manage to attack the your scouts despite your try, but luckily your reinforcements should arrive (your sword fighters and pikemen). Incase you did not yet send them to attack, send your both sword fighters and your pikemen to assist your scouts.
Village Secured
After defeating the assault on this village, have no further rest but instantly command your troops so that all your spearmen (pikemen and lance carriers) are blocking the entrance to the village from the west, and that your remaining scouts and sword fighters go a bit west of your allied bakery as to block the incoming enemy reinforcements. Even now, a picture can be seen on the right for easier understanding. Whilst waiting for your enemy to launch their attack, go to your barracks and equip 10 sword fighters (or as many as you can get, incase you have extra recruits equip some axe fighters) and send them to assist your army.

When the enemy finally attacks, just sit back and you should win (though idle soldiers should always be retasked for battle, this is very important!). More than likely, your newly recruited swordsmen will not arrive to the battlefield before the fight is over, but incase they do, just send them to assist the soldiers that seem to be more in need of it (this will most likely be the spearmen).
Fight for Second Village
Now that the rebellion in this village has been settled, it's time to turn your attention to the village in the west. The rebels there might look scary and they will more than likely by far outnumber you. Do not let this slow you down! Instantly send your army to attack the rebels in the west in the hope of meeting a troop that has decided to take a walk a bit more to the east so that the buildings won't mess up your formations. Depensing on what type of soldiers the enemy has sent here, you might want to leave your scouts behind your army (if it's lance carriers you're dealing with). Sometimes, there might not be an enemy army on the loose walking on the road, so assault their army from the south so that the battlefield should be a bit larger (because of destroyed allied buildings).
This could also be a good point to go check your base and train as many additional sword fighters and axe fighters as possible.


Make sure that you don't let both the school house and the storehouse from one town get torn down. This will lead to your defeat. Just continue fighting and you should end up victorious!