Some good to know tips!


By Litude
Version 1.1




This is a guide with some tips that can be good to know. You can use these tips in both The Shattered Kingdom and The Peasants Rebellion.


  • Make 12 laborers to speed up your building process. This will allow you to build up a lot faster, thus giving you a major advantage against your opponent.

  • Always make sure that you have enough serfs by checking. how much bread you have in your bakeries. 0-3 means you have enough sefs, but if there is more bread, you have too few serfs. By having enough serfs you will produce all of your wares faster.

  • When building coal mines keep in mind that they mine the coal that's under them and the surrounding blocks, but nothing more. If you find a big coal mine it's unnecessary to build your first coal mine in the very middle point, as your miner won't travel further than one block away of his mine.

  • You should always be ready to produce leather soldiers incase you run out of iron. It takes a long time to start producing leather if your are not prepared for it, making it easy for your opponent to overrun you.

  • Direct attacks are useless, try to attack your enemies by luring them with a bowman or a crossbowman straight on your army and your losses significantly smaller.

  • Archers are the most important soldiers in your army as they are very powerful. Without them you'll most likely loose, at least if your enemy uses archers. Archers attack when they see an enemy soldier, but you cannot command them to attack a specific unit.

  • When creating wooden weapons make sure that you have enough timber, otherwise it will take a lot longer to produce the weapons than it normally would, and if you suddenly feel the need of expanding your base, it will take very long for the timber to arrive at the construction site.

  • Allies can be very helpful, even if you think that they are of no use because they have only militia. But have you tried putting archers behind their militia and then lure your enemies to attack your ally? No? You really should, as this way you'll get a lot of help from your allies and it'll make missions with allies very easy to win.

  • Do not let your starting army die because you think they consume too much food. In many cases the starting army is enough to pull of the enemy, but it's also important to have an army as it can take some time to get your weapon and armor production started.

  • If you make a road with a lot of buildings, you must build a wider road to prevent it from getting crowded. If you have three buildings on a street it could be wise to build a double path and if you have six you might need to build a triple path! Important buildings like storehouses, barracks and inns will always need double paths as otherwise the roads will get too crowded.