New to TPR? Some tips...


By Litude
Version 1.2




If you are new to TPR and have played TSK you should read this because it has some useful tips for things that are different and how to use new things


  • The enemy doesn't attack in the new campaign in TPR. You might think that it makes the game more easy, but think again! They create more and more soldiers whole the time and if you don't attack them their army will soon fill the whole map! So make sure that you don't delay your attacks too long when you play the new campaign. In TSK campaign the enemies still attack as supposed and there have not been many changes in their actions.

  • Use your catapults and ballista at the right place! Catapults are very strong against enemy soldiers but usually they end up killing more your own soldiers than the enemies. They are also very good at destroying buildings. You could try sneaking in to the enemies base with 5 catapults and destroy their storehouse or some other important building. This strategy should always be used if you can lure the enemy away from defending their base. Catapults can also effectively kill soldiers if there's a bunch of soldiers assembled somewhere, but do not try killing single soldiers, there's a very small chance that one of the rocks will actually hit them. Just remember to have someone protecting the Catapults if trying to kill soldiers!

  • Ballista are more powerful than catapults and one shot from it will kill any soldier instantly unless it misses it's target. They also seldomly miss their target so badly that they end up wounding your soldiers so they are safer to use than Catapults. But do not try using Ballista against buildings! They are very ineffective and you will just be wasting their firepower. Also a good thing in using siege weapons is that you don't need to feed them. After reading what I just said you probably believe they are ultimate killing machines, but think again!. Firstly they are very expensive, 5 iron and 5 wood. Second they have close to no defense and will usually break of only some arrows! Lastly creating a siege weapon takes a lot of time. So remember to protect your siege weapons well!
    Another new thing is the building Townhall and you can find it very useful in some situations. If the enemy is attacking suddenly with a small army and you have no defense you can fast recruit yourself some Rebels. Rebels are the cheapest soldiers in the game (1 gold) but are also weakest soldiers. Also when the enemy is not attacking you could recruit yourself an army of the most powerful unit in the game, the Warriors and the Barbarians. An army that consists of Rogues and Rebels will also do a lot of damage on the enemy army. The Vagabonds can be used for killing archers because it's not that hard to sneak upon them with some soldiers and archers are very poorly armored.

  • The new food, the fish is also very good as it is very fast to produce and it's better than wine. I recommend only having one or two Fishermen because there's less fish than any other things on most maps so it runs out really fast and then you'll have a lot of idle Fishermen that do nothing else than eat your valuable food, and that's not a good thing, now is it? If you have Service Release 2 installed the Fisherman will hook 2 fish at a time, but he will also wait double the time in his hut. This of course results in fish lasting a lot longer.

  • The single missions that are in the game will provide an unique challenge. Only problem is that you shouldn't save the game before about four hours have passed. Why? That's about the time when the AI has finished building it's town and loading a saved game will result in the AI skipping some buildings or maybe even stop building completely. If you're having a tough time beating these missions just send your Scout over to one of the enemy bases and try killing some citizens and bowmen.