By Krom




There are several tricks/hints that I never came on across the WWW that I discovered while enjoying K&M.



Here are few of them:



Build roads without spending stones on them


Place a building (Watch tower preferably) and wait till worker flattens the terrain for it. Once it's done - demolish the Tower. You'll have one block of road for free. To speed things up - place dozen of towers at once.
Note: Roads built by this method are not visible on mini-map.



Get rid of trees that blocking your building plans


Place a building right below the tree that you want to got rid of. Wait till worker flattens terrain and tree will disappear. Demolish the building area.
Note: while getting rid of the tree you get one road block which will interfere with building corn/wine fields.



Speed up building destruction by army


Order your solders to attack an enemy building. Wait till they surround it and start destroying it separately from one another. Order to attack building once more and all your soldiers will hit it at once. Now wait till actual hit and few more frames and order to attack again. Repeat attack command after every hit. You can even catch a certain rhythm. Thus you will speed up destroying a building



Speed up archers attack


Same as with previous trick. Though with archers you can also rain your enemies with arrows/bolts. Repeat attack command after arrows/bolts leave bows/arbalests. Thus increasing shooting speed.



Flatten terrain for building


Sometimes terrain is very uneven and you can't build a house on it. It can be flattened a bit if you build a piece of road over it. It may require to build several blocks of road to flat the terrain good enough.



Removing roads


There is no way in K&M to destroy a road tile unless you build a house on it and demolish it. Thus if you seriously suffer from too many roads and too few space for fields this trick may come in hand.



Optimizing buildings construction by laborers


You probably noticed that after house is built laborers keep building it for a few more seconds (and those heading to construction site keep walking towards already built house and even put efforts into it). You can save that time by enabling/disabling repair of that house. Laborers stop building it immediately and may continue with other buildings of yours.