Basic Multiplayer Strategy


By Litude
Version 2.1



General Tips

  • Get yourself 12 laborers
  • Make sure that your paths won't get crowded
  • Make sure that you have enough serfs
  • Use some nice rules while playing!



Build List


Quarry (2)
Woodcutter's (6)
Sawmill (3)
Farm (6-7)
Mill (2)
Bakery (3)
Swine farm (3)
Butcher's (1)
Vineyard (4)
Gold mine (1)
Coal mine (3)
Metallurgist's (1)
Weapons workshop (2)
Tannery (1)
Armory workshop (3)
Stables (0-1)
Iron mine (2)
Iron smithy (2)
Weapon smithy (1)
Armor smithy (2)
Barracks (1)



Longer Version


Note: This strategy might or might not work well for you and I cannot garantee that it will be very effective against everyone. My strategy will maybe not work as well as supposed on some missions, and this strategy has been made for build a town missions and not battle ones.


When you start the game you'll instantly need to build a school house and train some more laborers and serfs. 12 laborers and 15 serfs will really give you a big advantage against your enemy as you'll build up a lot faster than he/she will (unless your opponent has the same amount of laborers).


Then it would be time to build yourself an inn and after that make a double path from your storehouse to the inn and the school house. Now you might be facing a problem, as you now need to find a place where you could build a qaurry. That's close to a rock of course, but if one isn't in sight it is really annyoing to start searching for the rock. Now build at least 2 quarries depending on how much stone you'll need.


After that it would be time to start producing timber so start building two woodcutter's (near trees if only possible), and then one sawmill so that timber can be produced. Now go check your storehouse and see how much gold you have in your coffers, because in some missions you might have only about 15 gold at this point, but in others about 40. If you have around 10 gold you should start building a gold and a coal mine right now, but incase you still have about 40 gold, you could also start building your economy now. It can sometimes be quite hard to find some gold and coal, but it's even harder to build up your base with only 10 gold! When you have finished building them, build one metallurgist's and after that you can move on to your economy.


Building up your economy should be started by building four farms (15 squares of field for each), two mills and three bakeries so that you have some source of food. When they are finished it could be a good idea to start building four vineyards. Then build yourself a swine farm, a tannery and butcher's. Now that you get food somewhat it's time to move on into military, but before that you might need to build an additional inn and storehouse.


Build up one weapons workshop and one armory workshop. When they are ready start producing weapons and building yourself a barracks. Now that you get some weak soldiers to defend you it could be a wise decision to strenghten your economy a bit by building yourself another two farms and then two more swine farms. Build yourself an additional four woodcutter's (and two sawmills) to ensure that you won't run out of timber, and then one more weapons workshop and two more armory workshops. You can also build yourself a stable but it's not completely neccessary, and might require you to build one more farm, depending on how much corn you want your serfs to distribute there.


Now you have an army to defend you so you can start making some iron soldiers while being safe from enemy attacks. Build two more coal mines and two iron mines, and then finally two iron smithies in order to ensure a steady income of iron. Now it would be time to build two armor smithies and one weapon smithy, and after that you're almost done! The final step you most likely want to do is to strengthen your defences by building some watchtowers. You should build watchtowers to pretty much every entrance that your opponent might use to attack your base. Watchtowers are extremely effective and you should try bulding as many of them as possible on a small area, but you need to make sure that there is still enough room between them for your troops to pass!


After you have enough army it is time to attack your enemy!