Wow, it's been a long time again since we've posted news. Kind of the story of our lives.. However, we're still proud to announce that we've fully migrated to our brand new VPS! Read on..


Sooo our last news post dates back to December 2012! We should be really ashamed, I know, I know. But the fact that we haven't posted news doesn't mean we did nothing! KaM Remake has yet another awesome release and our community just keeps on growing.


A while ago we decided that our Shared Hosting account no longer fulfilled our needs, especially with our eye on the future. It seems a good idea to collaborate more between KaM Remake and, since both developers have been with us for a very very long time and are very active. Also, we almost exceeded our maximum disk space and traffic, so we didn't really have an option but to look for an alternative.


A VPS gives us a complete (virtual) server to ourselves. Right now we're just hosting and it's mail, but we're hoping to move soon to. After that we're looking at Teamspeak server possibilities and possibly the KaM Remake Master Server.


Even though I (T*AnTi-V!RuZz) have quite a lot of experience with things like networking, software- and webdevelopment, a VPS is new to me. I'm quite sure there will be some bugs hanging around here and there. Please post anything you notice here.


Let's hope our next news item won't take such a long time. But don't be worried. Just check out our forum, which is waaaay more active than our website. We're hoping to update the website not too long from now, but we need volunteers with time. Contact me through the forum if you're interested.


See you on the forums!