The team behind the KaM Remake have released an update with a number of exciting changes! Download it from the official KaM Remake website.



Here is the list of changes from their news post:

  • AI can build a small village to make food (we haven’t done the military side yet)
  • Minimap preview in the lobby showing which player has selected each location
  • Player names are colored (plus general support for color coding chat messages)
  • Road/field plans appear instantly in multiplayer regardless of network delay (houses coming soon too)
  • Smarter deliveries and build queues, now the closest labourer/serf will always take the job
  • High quality shadows for units and trees (houses not working yet)
  • Support for smaller resolutions (1024×576, 1024×600, 1280×720, etc.)
  • Faster loading (should mean less players are dropped due to loading taking too long)
  • You can only run one copy of the application at once to prevent multiplayer cheating
  • Road/house plans only appear for allies to prevent multiplayer cheating by blocking your enemy
  • Smoother speed up
  • Archers are a bit less powerful
  • 5 new translations: Estonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian
  • 44 new multiplayer maps (92 total)
  • Existing maps improved and fixed
  • Error reporting now uses madExcept which lets you send the crash report to us easily and gives us better information about the crash
  • Our master server records which multiplayer maps are played, so we can add features to this site like “top 10 maps list” (coming soon!)


So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the KaM Remake website now!