KaM Remake




This page lists some of the differences between the original game and the KaM Remake. It shows a bunch of improvements that are possible using the new engine.


Special thanks to Bence791 and dicsoupcan for help in writing this section!





Game Logic


Original (TSK/TPR) Comparison Topic KaM Remake
Ruling in combat, other units are mostly just meat shields. Ranged units Their power is reduced, but still powerful in masses. Shoot and halt exploit removed.
The original HP regeneration rate was 1HP/4 seconds, which made combat (especially melee-only) very long (e.g. Scout vs. Scout sometimes took minutes). Combat health regeneration The HP regeneration rate is changed to 1HP/10 seconds. This way every unit is less durable in fights.
They used to keep building on a house even after it was finished. Unlimited amount of laborers could work on the same building. Laborers They are more intelligent. They stop building as soon as the house is ready, and they have a limit to the amount of them building the same building at once.
Pixely, not good-looking. Shadows and "thoughts" Much smoother, looks far better.
Units in a close range (~6-7 tiles) are linked to the "newest" unit coming out of the Barracks if their type matches. Reassigns the group leader's flag to him. Formation is reset to 1 column. Group linking after coming out of the Barracks Units in a close range (~6-7 tiles) are linked to the "oldest" unit/group of the same type nearby (the leader of the nearby group). The group's leader doesn't change. Leaves the formation unchanged.
255 items/type Weapon limit in the Barracks 65535 items/type
? Resource limit in the Storehouse 65535 items/type
Diagonal and side-connected both working. Objects on the tile that is left without a road (diagonal) WILL "disconnect" the road, preventing resources delivered to blueprints. Working road placement Only side-connected ones work 100%. Diagonal roads can only be used to make shortcuts for deliveries of wares (not the same as material --> blueprint).
Soldiers can attack "through" tress (e.g. a soldier facing southwest can hit the guy standing to the southwest of him through a tree, standing on the tile south of him ([Y+1]). Same with tree stumps. Fights in forests (with trees at the "venue" of combat) Soldiers can't fight "through" trees, nor over stumps.
Starts after the road plan has been dug by the laborer. Stone delivery to road construction Starts right at the same time when the laborer goes building the road (serfs "query" the estimated time from starting and digging the road, and they are "on time" with it).
They stand in the top-left corner of the blueprints after digging it (triggers exploit: the laborer standing inside it can't be damaged unless the blueprint is destroyed). Laborers after digging the building's foundation Laborers step on the "closest" (vertical or horizontal preferred) tile from the top-left corner, disabling the exploit. Sometimes results in builders being trapped.
When serfs try to step on the "dug tiles" of the unfinished foundation, they drop the materials held in their hands. Magical drop of timber and stones by serfs walking in unfinished foundations Fixed. The unfinished foundations can't be walked on by any other unit than the builder digging it.
When you hit the "add/withdraw" line button, the group leader is reassigned to the soldier to the right of the leader. Happens when you make the 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc. lines. Altering soldier formations The group leader remains the leader as long as he is alive/not broken up from the group.
All units in the moving group go the same direction as the leader, no matter if they have already passed the target.

Soldier group movements

All units in the moving troop go to their destination and no further.





Military Balance


Crossbowmen: Reduced power per shot
Bowmen: Increased rate of fire
Soldiers with shields have +1 defence against ranged units






  • Wine has been buffed: increased condition restoring rate from 20% to 30%, also the maximum effectiveness can be achieved with 9 tiles of wine field instead of the old 13.
  • Farmers work more efficiently when sharing fields, resulting in more corn produced.
  • Serfs pick jobs more efficiently and delivering gold to the schoolhouse is now the second highest priority (next to delivering food to the inn)
  • Laborers cannot build near enemy watchtowers to prevent laborer rushes.
  • You are able to set multiplayer peacetime (treaty) up to 120 minutes and game speed up to 3x faster.
  • There is a built-in map editor.
  • Maps can make use of dynamic scripting allowing for further customization, including making new game modes like king of the hill.
  • You are able to block weapon delivery to the barracks, just as you can block wares to the storehouse.
  • A new building is introduced: the marketplace. In the marketplace you can trade one type of ware for another (for example 1 pig for 1 gold). This might come in handy if you run out of gold or iron.
  • There is a new unlock order. In TPR/TSK when you start with a storehouse, you had to build a schoolhouse, then an inn, then a quarry, then a woodcutter and after that more things unlock. In the remake you can immediately build both the quarry and the woodcutter's after you have built the schoolhouse (old unlock order can still be forced by dynamic scripting).
  • Supports and contains custom campaigns with their own campaign map, briefings and messages.
  • Screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 are supported.