1.6 Patch Finally Officially Released


It has taken it's share of time, blood, sweat and tears but it's finally here. The final release of the 1.6 patch is now available and can be downloaded from the downloads section. It is currently available in English, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian and Polish.


I'm sure some of you thought this patch would never get a final release, but it's honestly here at last. The list of changes between this final release and that of the latest release candidate is pretty meager mostly pertaining to the included documentation. Then again on  the other hand the patch itself brings about a bunch of changes and improvements that no doubt make the gaming experience more enjoyable.


Regrettably this patch could probably have been finalized all the way back in 2009 if I had kept working on it at that point, but well it's out now. As the KaM Remake is pretty impressive in this day and age, the original games are becoming a thing of the past. But for those of you who still swear by the original game, or if you're just looking for a nostalgic trip with the original game; then this patch will no doubt improve your experience.


A point worth noting is that this patch should definitely not be installed on top of any previous beta versions or release candidates of the patch. When installing the game, please use the base version of the game or Service Release 2. Otherwise you might end up with unwanted side effects.


In addition to just the patch getting released, the downloads section of the website has had a quite big update and you can now in addition to the 1.6 patch, also find all older patches for both games in addition to all released demo versions of the game. It should hopefully be pretty straightforward to navigate, but if all else fails you can always use the search function to see if the file you're looking for is available.


Oh and there's also a new section with some information about all the unofficial patches that have been released thus far. Over there you'll also find the list of changes that the 1.6 patch brings about. More specifically, the 1.6 patch page can be found from here.


Finally I want to thank everyone who contributed in any way to the development of the patch throughout the years. Without the help of the community this patch would never have boasted such a massive list of changes as it does. Seriously, thank you for all the help!


P.S. The Russian version of the patch could not be released in final form since there are some untranslated parts pertaining to the manual. If you are interested in helping out, please see this forum thread.


- Litude