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Main website strategy guides




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Post 11 Jul 2019, 07:31

Main website strategy guides

So on the main site which I assume is this - - there are some strategy guilds and walkthroughs for TPR and TSK. However, I also noticed that the walkthroughs for TSK only go up to mission 7 and the walkthroughs for TPR only cover the first two missions. I have been checking this website for at least 2 years now and I was wondering if and or when these campaign guides will ever be updated.


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Post 11 Jul 2019, 18:28

Re: Main website strategy guides

Looks like the original walkthrough author left, so it's likely up to anyone to write and submit their guides .. But you better check with the site admin/maintainer first
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Post 12 Jul 2019, 07:39

Re: Main website strategy guides

The original author left years ago and over the years other people have suggested to pick up where he left off, but none of them have actually delivered unfortunately.
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Post 21 Jul 2019, 20:12

Re: Main website strategy guides

T*AnTi-V!RuZz wrote:The original author left years ago and over the years other people have suggested to pick up where he left off, but none of them have actually delivered unfortunately.
I am not sure if I was one of the people you were thinking of, but this is one reason which stopped me from providing quick-win strategies for the original campaigns.

Not only that, but the remake itself has been consistently updated, and there are several patches added to the original game, and then there is KaM on Steam.

Since the AI behaves differently in each and since as I pointed out in the above post that I linked to, even starting buildings are not the same in some mission patches, AND since yet ANOTHER version of the Remake by Rey may come out in the future, I didn't feel like a specialized STATIC strategy will be applicable for such a DYNAMICly changing game.

And, of course thanks to user Boss Battle (YouTube user, "H."), there is a developing gold-mine of replays for pretty much every campaign mission. He of course hasn't done campaigns such as Path of Blood yet (or Co-op knights 1 and Co-op knights 2), but at this rate, he will eventually get to them. (I wonder why only 4 missions of Path of Blood were released if they completed 10+ maps several years ago?)

The majority of people probably prefer fast-forwarding through videos like his rather than reading long written walk-throughs anyway.

In short, whether you were thinking about me in regards to making this contribution or not, I have thought about it. And these are the reasons why I didn't do it.
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