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The Lauenburger Festival



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Post 16 Oct 2012, 17:59

Re: The Lauenburger Festival

pawel95 wrote:LoL are you kidding me? :O
The style is black,or have your contrast of 100%/0% :D
I am not kidding I have changed my background to blue/white thing in my profile
Always look on the bright side of KaM! :D


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Post 30 Oct 2012, 09:37

Re: The Lauenburger Festival

Lord_Stronghold wrote:good luck, guys)

btw I remember Die 9000, we chatted about online playing a few month before the remake era)))

LoL yeah but it was the easiest game against Die 9000. He had forgot to build gold XD ... entries=20

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