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"Where are the scouts?"



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Post 26 Nov 2017, 13:36

Re: "Where are the scouts?"


Written a few lines script call it 'The Falling Scouts'.
A died /fallen from horse/ scout 'd be convert to axefighter.
-could not figurating out how could connect the added units in the same time. Grouporder link did not work to me.
-It is not as OP as looks out, can be interesting, of course when only lether units are there, then it is.
-The axefigther added to the coordinate where the scout fallen, so the axfighter immediately start fighting when the enemy unit is still alive.
-Adding randomness is possible-not all scout fall, some has to die. (written and deactivated in the script) Still can be scripted the in time less and less chance to have converting. So in lategames when for example only leather units are there then scouts would never fallen.

It is a b :mrgreen: s idea, but can be interesting for one one game testing it. How the fallen scouts would do vs mass arrows etc... Meanwhile it is another scripted BOOST option :wink:

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Post 10 Feb 2018, 01:23

Re: "Where are the scouts?"

Give the scouts bows to use along with the Axes. I promises you everyone will use them, then. Lmao ;)


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Post 10 Feb 2018, 08:50

Re: "Where are the scouts?"

The thread on the towers showing their stones gave me an idea (sorry if it was proposed already): what if enemy builings and units within sight range of a Scout could be selected, the same way that allied units and buildings can in the beta?
This way Scouts would be useful for scouting even after the fog is lifted: they'd let you see if there are weaknesses in the enemy's defences, and also peek at storehouses placed too close to the border.

cdfbr wrote:Give the scouts bows to use along with the Axes. I promises you everyone will use them, then. Lmao ;)

Eh, why not?
Make them extremely imprecise and this might even be balanced :lol:
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