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Post 31 Oct 2013, 15:53


I was wondering why KaM has such low FPS(12-14) on my PC, can't really figure out why. Especially since Starcraft II on High graphic settings is having a FPS of +/- 30..

However the low amount of FPS the game runs stable (when i scroll out to the max it stays 12-14 and the game doesn't produce lagg)
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Post 31 Oct 2013, 16:51


The Remake is programmed in Delphi, which is a moderately inefficient (is that the right word? Also, correct me if I'm wrong) language, thus taking more memory than some other games. There's also a lot being calculated in the Remake (all serfs' destinations, pathfinding for laborers, soldiers, animals, etc.).
On the flip-side, the Remake has a framerate of 16FPS, which his very low. Therefore, even at relatively low framrates, such as 12, the Remake will incur little latency.
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Post 31 Oct 2013, 17:22


and do not forget the synchronizing every units enemy players have in multiplayer which casues an increase in memeroy use. and if you have like 16-12 fps this means the others are also forced to play on that fps, causing slowdown for them.
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Post 31 Oct 2013, 18:24


What CPU do you have? Remake usually likes at least a dual core processor. If yours is dual or more (I have no idea about Starcraft 2's requirements) then something is wrong. Seeing how FPS doesn't change regardless of the zoom, I think we can say that it isn't GPU's fault.


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Post 31 Oct 2013, 20:00


Looks like CPU thing. How much does FPS depends on zoom ? How much does FPS depends on number of opponents? How much does FPS depends on map size? What is your CPU model? Numbers please :)
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