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Is TPR mission 104 winnable?



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Post 17 May 2008, 01:02

Is TPR mission 104 winnable?

I cannot change the file name to skip TPR 104. So, I'm wondering if anyone has ever beat it. I really want to play the rest of the game.

Thanks in advance. :D


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Post 17 May 2008, 04:54

Hi MichGal,
I haven't played this mission, so I can't help you there.
I can help you skip this mission though, download this save file:
It is a save of mission 5 TPR at the beginning.
Copy it into data\save
Start KaM, then click on the save at the bottom of the list, but above Autosave.
Once the mission is loaded, exit out of it and then in the statistics screen click Restart Mission. This will allow you to see the briefing/map.



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Post 24 Aug 2008, 14:01

Well i Played it and i can help u, (u probably skipped already with the saved game) and yes it's win able u just have to be fast, to prevent the archers on top of the mountain near ur ally Storage, cause they will destroy it and let u lose :wink: had to do that over and over again too :wink:


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Post 30 Jan 2009, 12:53

Its possible. just need many bowmen.


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Post 04 Feb 2009, 04:04

Mission 104 is the mission in which the enemy has a green base to the east, yellow to the north and east and an ally to the south.

To win you must do the following:

(1) NOT kill all the green surfs in the small village.

(2) NOT destroy all the yellows schoolshouses.

(3) Kill all troops and destroy all other buildings. (maybe storehouses and inns should not be destroyed but maybe they do, but I'm not sure. Just save before you destroy them.)
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Post 13 Apr 2020, 21:22

Re: Is TPR mission 104 winnable?

Actually, it is okay to kill the serfs in the green village in the middle. My troops killed them all sometime during the mission and I was worried that I would have to replay it after reading this post.

But I still managed to win the mission. I only destroyed the watchtowers, barracks, storehouses, weapon workshops, armor workshops, tannery and stables.
I'm pretty sure the last two are necessary to win, because it took me some time to get to them.

Also, I lost after destroying all yellow inns so you should not touch those, the same as the schools.
Good thing I saved the game after defeating all the enemy units before I started destroying the buildings.

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