Post 03 Oct 2020, 08:04

Alpha 11.3 update

Here’s a third minor update with a bunch of bugfixes and small improvements:

- Fixed a crash when ordering to attack an already demolished house under FOW
- Minor naming changes (lance > pike, pike > halberd, house > building)
- Added smooth scrolling for lists
- Fixed a bug when a keypress would leak from reassignment of a hotkey into a players name editbox in Options menu
- Fixed crash on loading a savegame with fences being built or attacked
- Fixed small memory leak on hotkeys resave
- Fixed harmless junk text getting written into settings on hotkeys resave
- Fixed crash on reopening Highscores after GFX reinit

Download, as always, available at:
Knights Province at:
KaM Remake at:
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC/FVR tools at: