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after r6720



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Post 14 Apr 2021, 09:28

after r6720


I would like to ask the developers, programmers who are heavily involved in the coding of Remake.
How their future vision is about this Remake project?
What ways to see for the Remake stepping forward? For example now there is big jump's planned from r6720 with lots of additional stuffs what may were not planned before. (TownHall,Random maps, Map editor changes, new campaigns, Snow, increasing efficiency to get less lags, more dynamic scritp command,more players in MP games, etc.) But what after, maybe adding Siege units, or supporting mods, modded units, more various dynamic scripts, researching the interpolating idea more etc.?

Is there or rather what are the major leading plans for continue this (stopped-freezed?) hobby project's development?
I really would be happy to read an article about the current state of Remake, how the devs feel about after 5 years.
It could be a kind of surprise article on the kamremakecom dev blog also. :)

Thank you!

Have a great day!


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Post 16 Apr 2021, 09:32

Re: after r6720

I am sure you didn't mean me, when talking about people 'heavily involved in coding' :D but nevertheless, I wanted to share my own thoughts on that:

- I think that we really need some new developers, to take some weight off Rey's shoulders - thankfully, we can see that more people are recently interested in Remake's code
- everyone wants siege units in this game since ages, so it should become a priority to add and balance them properly
- proper modding support is something a lot of people would have fun with, there are entire Discord channels devoted to modding KaM already
- it would be cool, if new versions would be released more often - I imagine it could be better for players, and keeping the code without too many new bugs as well :)

What I would personally like to see added in the future:
- some AI-enhanced "HD" mode for graphics (and animations?) - perhaps it could be integrated into mod support, with some scaling setting for the sprites
- ability to script a building - with buttons, parameters etc.
- universal scripts, that can be applied to all maps in lobby

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