Post 23 Jun 2010, 07:52

What can we do with source code?

I like to dream up and suggest it to make together. What would be game if we had a source code?
1. I offer return in the game the monastery. And a new speciality - Priest.
The priest going to the certain group in your army and makes a prayer. When it done, the attack percent increase up to 10%. Only one certain grop can be spiritualizeв by priest. When the group die or reorginized, the priest can be used again.
2. I offer return to the game the training hall. And a new speviality - fight trainer. The principle is similar to action of the priest, but increase the defense by 10%.
3. All we knows the water is major resource in our life. The farm is contain well. But it is unuseful. Now the water is need to the baker (the bred needs whater!), animal breeder (horses and pigs also whant to drink).
4. Tne new building the hop farm! Beer! Beer! Beer! I like the beer very much! The people in Middle ages likes it too!
5. The new building the brewery! Needs a new speciality - brewer. Needs: a corn (what a nightamare!), the hop and whater.
The brewer makes a two barrels of beer. It takes by serfs in the Inn and storehouse. Soliders are also drinks beer. The beer the same high-calorie product as well as bread.
6. Return the night time. All peasants, serfs and soliders are sleep, when the night time comes. Only scouts, rebels, vagabonds and recruits in the whatctower not sleeps.