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Level 14 (TSK) crashes after 34 minutes each time

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2021, 15:16
by MrtnKAM

I am playing TSK bought on steam on a windows 10 pc.
Ive had some crashes before but they were all fixed by muting the music, some google work helped me out on that one. But this one i cannot figure out.

I am at level 14 and at 34 minutes k&m always closes on me for no apparent reason. I have not been attacked yet (and i dont get the losing screen) but k&m just closes completely, steam doesnt.

Is this a known bug or is there a known similar bug that had a fix that i can try?

Any advice is welcome

Re: Level 14 (TSK) crashes after 34 minutes each time

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2021, 23:55
by MrtnKAM
I did some close wachting at what happens at minute 34 but i know what happens each time 1 second before k&m closes down

I always send a scout past the bowmen and horses of the green army to demolish the unfinished school, to prevent green army from expanding more.
They also dont build an Inn this way so at minute 28 the serfs die from starvation, in minute 34 a group of 12 knights from their army die because there are no serfs to feed them.

Now i thought this was a clever tactic and I like playing the game that way so i rather keep this tactic, but apparently its crashing k&m for some reason.
I was focussing on the group of hungry knights, i hear the sound of them dying of starvation and them slowly fading away and then its --- desktop.

How can my game crash just because some enemies die??? Its the final objective of each mission.

Does anyone know if I can do/change something (perhaps in the steam k&m folder) to make it so that dying enemies doesnt shut down the game??