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Graphics viewer and editor




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Post 23 Sep 2019, 19:08

Graphics viewer and editor

Here's a little thing I worked on today, it can show some KAM graphics (decoded from the game files, it doesn't work without them).

It can be compiled with Visual Studio 2019, free edition. It should be possible to use older versions as well but then you'd have to basically make a new project and add the source to it.

Binary for convenience: ... 3259692427

It only does houses and mapelements now, but I wanted to do units too.
It cannot save yet.. but I want to do that.
It can save houses.dat data now and houses.rx data.

For now, you could use it to make gifs like this (not built in, I used screen recorder, but I could build it in fairly easily if you guys want)


It can now be used to replace house graphics. The sprite can be exported as PNG in indexed mode with embedded palette (this didn't work right for GIMP 2.6, but 2.10 seems OK, Paint.NET works also), or as a normal full-colour PNG (suggested for general use). For importing it can be anything that .NET can load, but the colors must match the export palette exactly (note: there are differences with the KAM palette, to make all colors distinct). I have tested this with the real game and it works. By the way it is not possible now to use one of the animated colors in a sprite (water, swamp), I think the game hypothetically supports that though.
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Post 24 Sep 2019, 05:39

Re: Graphics viewer and editor

Nice to see new project! I've filed first issue for it on github ;-)
A screenshot would help too.

P.S. KaM Remake has the mass rxx export functionality. Would be good to show and describe what conveniences can your tool offer above it :-)
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