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error-script period ('.') expected




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Post 29 Dec 2018, 18:37

error-script period ('.') expected

Hey, I've been working on a map recently and I tried adding scripts to it but when i launched the map that error showed up- [Error] (330:4): period ('.') expected. Any ideas what i might have done wrong? I'm assuming 330:4 is the line in the notepad but there's just end; so i don't really know what i should do.


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Post 30 Dec 2018, 04:01

Re: error-script period ('.') expected

Welcome to the forum, Osess!

Maybe it's best if you post your code using the code block so that someone can help you with this. I have scripted a little bit in this language in the past, so I don't know if there is more than one possible cause to this error of yours, but if there is, you might want to post your script here for review. (Or at least the line of code which is being affected by the error, if you are sure of that.)
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