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Faster game start

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2017, 17:33
by Esthlos
Made this scripted map to have faster games with a friend; it does so by instantly building roads and houses (as long as you have wood and stone left).
It also hides serfs and laborers until the stone (or wood) is used up, in order to try and avoid abuse.
Hope you like it.

(The script should be easy to move to other maps; just rename and copy it in the other map's folder)
(AI players won't use the feature since they don't agree with scripts removing their plans :rolleyes: )

Bye! :P

P.S. I don't remember something like this being already posted; if it was please do tell, so that this thread can be removed.

Re: Faster game start

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2017, 21:20
by thunder
Huhuhu, finaly somebody thought on it too and programmed it.
Nice idea! Good work!

Only one small thing. If you have the stonemason that is already working paralelly when builds the woodcutter. Would be okay to add the stoner too next to the building?
and somehow should workout the schoolhouse training time too because the script saves lots of time but loose that at training units. Saves 9minutes and loose more than 20 units.
I really can imagine this script add the housekeeper and one serfs+one labourers next to the buildings and remove their gold from the store. Then this script would be perfect timesaver in the early games.
As it is now maybe doubleschool strategy would be really usefull or would be the meta strategy?

Re: Faster game start

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2017, 08:05
by Esthlos
Is v2 what you had in mind?
(It adds house occupants too + 1 serf per building - after you finished prebuilding though)
(Please note it never gets you below 3 gold in the storehouse, so that you can't accidentally shut yourself out without a metallurgist)