Post 17 Jan 2017, 23:12

Inverse battle maps?

What if there was a game mode where you only build the city, but it's the AI that manages anything military related?


I know dr Malcom, I know.

Market use not implemented, and the AI never demolishes its own exhausted mines.
Btw, the AI just handed me my own insides. Build towers! You cannot defend with your army, and the AI will not call on them either!

Anyway... the customizable options (edit the start of the script):
cEnableOldBuildOrder = False; //Use the new build order if False cMaxBuildTime = -1; //Minutes, set to -1 to disable; after this delay, any new building command is ignored; the towns are left to themselves, so that the strongest may prevail cMinSoldiersToAttack = 40; //Minimum soldiers to start attacking cTowersSelfDamage = 20; //How much hunger do tower recruits gain whenever they kill an enemy, as a percentage of the max value; default 20, set to -1 to disable cRevealAll = False; //Remove fog of war if True; not removing it makes the script slower
And the map:
Golden Cliffs -
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