Post 24 Dec 2016, 14:15

need dynamic script

Hello guys i need script for my camaign but if i end my campaing so i write that person helped me.

So i want I want to defeat the troops Player 2 his city was my. but I realize that the materials will not transfer the granary So add to the storehouse(X;33,Y;28), ( 1000 gold, 60 wood, 60 stone, 100 bread and sasuge) and give 6 serf on X:27 Y:18 and 4 milder on X:25 Y:16 . So if we destroy troops player 2 then show us the time np 1 hour and and we need to gather storehause ( X:33, Y:28) ( 400 coal , 300 stone and 200 wood ) . and if we put these resources before the end of time we will win and if not we put recosurces in to magazine so we lose . Can you help me ?