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Catapult/Ballista Script.




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Post 05 Nov 2016, 16:38

Catapult/Ballista Script.

I want to make a script, where you can spawn a ballista/catapult from the building. For example from sawmill.

I know everything how to do it, but... in files still exist catapult/ballista ?

When i give unit ID - 29 (Ballista) it don't spawn. Other units like Rogue, Rebel of course spawning.

Can anyone answer this question ?
Thanks for reply.


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Post 05 Nov 2016, 16:44

Re: Catapult/Ballista Script.

This is not possible to do with scripting because the siege weapons were never implemented in the Remake, so despite having the gfx needed for these weapons, the game doesn't know what to do with them,so adding the units will not work.

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