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Trackmania 2



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Post 20 Mar 2014, 19:11

Trackmania 2

Last year Trackmania had 10th anniversary. Due to that, they promote some of new versions of game, Trackmania Canyons, Stadium and Valley.

Fun is in multiplayer. There are available free demos for each title, you can play on only some servers, where are up to 10 tracks, but that's enough. I bought full version and I still have most fun on those demo servers.

If someone like fast arcade racing, compete with others (there's ranking and ladder points), getting better and beating own and others' records, try it :). There's even some strategy, cause you need different tactic for each track :).

I play on Canyons.
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Post 21 Mar 2014, 16:25

Re: Trackmania 2

Yeah, I played this... But I still prefer Trackmania United Forever, which is my favorite race game. :P
Anyway thanks Nadeo, that in this game is possible to play 200 players on one server.

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