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1.60 patch faults



Post 06 Mar 2014, 17:40

1.60 patch faults


I've noticed some faults with missions in the TSK campaign, in the updated version (1.60) of K&M TPR.

Mission 14:
- The green enemy doesn't make a tavern or a school, so they die within some time
- The black enemy doesn't make a school, so they can't expand their city

Mission 16:
- The black right camp doesn't make a tavern

I'll keep on posting some other mistakes, when I'm further in the game.



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Post 06 Mar 2014, 18:41

Re: 1.60 patch faults

There is nothing we can do about that. Without the game's source code, we cannot patch the AI's building intellect. However, it is possible that the enemy will continue building if you don't reload a save game. That is, if you save mission 14 and load it back, the AI will almost certainly stop building.

I recommend downloading the fan-made remake of the game, appropriately named the "KaM Remake." The game is completely redone, and is being continually upgraded and includes new features every few months. Multiplayer is also fully supported via several dedicated servers. You can download the remake at
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Post 06 Mar 2014, 20:24

Re: 1.60 patch faults

Thank you very much!
I'll do that.

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