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Patch 1.6 Missing text




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Patch 1.6 Missing text


I'm new to the forums and I've been playing this game for some years now. I saw a patch and installed it. But when I started my game after the installation of the patch, all the menu items were empty or a random letter. When I managed to start/load a game, all the units and buildings had no names, just 1 letter. For example: my Town Hall was called 'QQ'.

I messed up my game, but I did nothing else than install the patch. I have the Dutch version of KaM and installed the Dutch patch.

Can somebody help me please?

hello im new to the forums and i play this game for sum years now so i saw hey a patch lets instal so i started my game after instal but all the boxes at the menu are empty or inlude 1 random letter so when i manage to load or start a game all units/buildings have no name or just 1 letter as name example ma town hall is called QQ so please help i messed up my game maybe but i aint did nothing i just installed the patch my game is dutch and i installed the dutch patch

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Re: Patch 1.6 Missing text

I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble installing the patch. What version was your game at before you installed the patch? Also have you installed the game from a CD or is it a digital purchase/download?
I would recommend that you reinstall your game and then make sure you have the latest version of the patch by downloading it from here and then attempt to install the patch again.

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