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Hello everyone knights and merchants !

I love KAM since my 8 year life and I want you all kalr say it is one of my favorite games . And I always leuft the music behind her . Sometimes at work I sum after that motivates my favorite songs me and makes me happy.
Now I know yes nciht how do you feel about this music.
But I am a big fan and have something for all the players still playing as out side the game. Each The remake of Kam plays or not , the original Steam. Can my neuaufgelgten or etas modified songs from the original game down here Download .
And reinziehen either on the MP3 player shop or in the folder of Kam and anhönren it while playing =)
Or Burn them to CD . The songs are from the original game .

And I like to play as BLUE = )

( Can be at each other ) Installtion

C: \ KaM Remake \ Music

C: \ Knights and Merchants \ data \ sfx

Here the LINK ( Every song is saved in. MP2. ) 13 New Songs HD
!MODBREAK: No copyright protected material for download please
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