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Please review my game - Frozen Waters



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Post 16 Jul 2013, 19:50

Please review my game - Frozen Waters


I try to improve my gameplay to become better at this game. Can someone give me feedback on my last game played on Frozen Waters, I'm on position 3, left, second from Bottom. "Reek" - colour = black.


If possible mainly during peace time, building up the city. Not very interested in the battles..

Peace time 70 minutes
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Post 16 Jul 2013, 21:34

Re: Please review my game - Frozen Waters

Well, I must admit that I watched the replay; however, due to the fact that I have no slightest idea how to play on this location, I won't even try to criticize you :P I'm unsure though about the way (and timing) you built your woodcutters. To be honest, the best way would probably be to go entirely right and disregard your teammate (he was useless anyway :P), in a serious game I'd probably cut only on the right, leaving my wood production on the left side and trying to expand it further under the river. But this loc is tight, has no space for wood production or buildings etc.; so you might want to wait for an opinion from a better player.

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