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The new improved tutorial, but what about the messages?



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King Karolus

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Post 18 Sep 2008, 20:48

The new improved tutorial, but what about the messages?

Some of you have probably heard, others have guessed from the translation topic that the tutorial will be extended by a huge bit in the next beta. There is one major problem though, I don't know whether the messages I currently have are worth using in the tutorial or if they should be changed before getting added. My current messages are below:

Image Storehouse
You'll need a school house to train new citizens.
Make sure you always have enough gold in the storehouse for this.Start building by left clicking on the hammer icon on the left side of the screen. Then click on the book icon (the school house). Position the frame of the school house on the map where you want it to be constructed and left click to place it. Once you have placed the school house, you will notice that 'Construct road' has been selected. Click to place squares of road and connect the road from the storehouse to the school house. Remember, you must connect the road& to the front door of every building.

Image School house
To train citizens, left click on the school house and scroll through the units by using the 'Next profession' button until you have selected the unit which you desire to train. Then click on the 'Add to queue' button. Newly trained citizens will automatically start to perform their tasks. From time to time your citizens must eat. In order for them to do this, you must construct an inn.
Be sure to locate the inn centrally, so that it is easily accessible for all your villagers.

Image Inn
You need stones for further house and road construction. Construct a quarry near a supply of stones. Then you must train a stonemason who will produce your new building material.

Image Quarry
You don't just need stones to construct buildings, but also timber. The woodcutter fells and plants trees which are then processed in the sawmill. Always build the woodcutter's hut near a forest.

Image Woodcutter's
Now you have to construct a sawmill to process the tree trunks which the woodcutter has felled.
After doing that, you should train a carpenter who will work in the sawmill.

Image Sawmill
When you've ensured a sufficient supply of building materials you should turn your attention to the production of food.
Construct a fisherman's hut near a water so that you can supply your inn with freshly caught fish.

Image Fisherman's hut
Good, but remember that even though there are plenty of fish in the sea, they will run out sooner or later.
To ensure a more stable food source, construct a farm where there's enough room for fields.

Image Farm
Roughly 16 fields should be laid out for the farmer, as close as possible to the farm itself.
Now you have to construct a mill to process the corn you harvest.

Image Mill
Great, now you can build a bakery which will supply your inn with fresh bread. Make sure you've always got enough serfs on hand to transport your goods and deliver them quickly to the different buildings.

Image Bakery
Apart from just feeding your subjects with fish and bread, you also need to give them something to quench their thirst.
Construct a vineyard and lay out about 16 squares of wine field for your farmer to gather grapes from.

Image Vineyard
You are doing well, but your hard-working subjects deserve better food than just bread and wine. To produce meat and skins, construct a swine farm where the animal breeder will breed pigs.

Image Swine farm
To process your newly produced meat further, it is necessary to build a butchery. In the butchery, the butcher will produce sausages from your meat.

Image Butcher's
Now that you have secured your food deliveries you should concentrate on your long-term goal, the production of new weapons. Start by building a barracks at a suitable location.

Image Barracks
By using the 'Next soldier type' and 'Previous soldier type' buttons you can scroll through the different soldier types which can be equipped. The highlighted squares indicate which pieces of equipment are needed to equip the currently selected soldier. If you are to equip soldiers from your barracks, you also need to produce weapons for your troops. Build a weapons workshop near your barracks so that you can ensure quick delivery of the weapons.

Image Weapons workshop
To place orders for production of equipment, left-click on your newly constructed weapons workshop and then left-click on the 'Increase order amount' button. Always make sure that your weapons workshop has enough timber for producing weapons. Without proper equipment your soldiers will end up being slaughtered on the battlefield.
To produce new armor for your soldiers, you firstly need a tannery for further processing of your skins.

Image Tannery
Now that you have a production of leather running, you need to build an armory workshop. Here a carpenter will create leather armor and wooden shields.

Image Armory workshop
Excellent! You now have all the required buildings to run a town and to produce new soldiers.
Once you have the proper pieces of equipment needed to equip a specific soldier type, you need to train a recruit from the school and then click the 'Equip current soldier type' button. Your aim now is to defeat the two enemy encampments close by. The blue enemy to the south has a strongly fortified base, while the green to the east is merely relying on soldiers.
Prepare your troops well before attempting to rid the area of the wicked enemy!

Blue defeated
The blue player has been defeated!

Green defeated
The green player has been defeated!

Now as I already said, please post any suggestions regarding the content of the messages!

The Dark Lord

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King Karolus Servant

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Post 19 Sep 2008, 20:41

Good, but remember that even though there are be plenty of fish in the sea, they will run out sooner or later.

''are be''?

Not that my English is brilliant, but this sounds a bit strange to me. :wink:


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King Karolus

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Post 19 Sep 2008, 22:36

Now how the hell did that end up there? :D Thanks for notifying me.
Still, does anyone have any suggestions regarding what the messages should say?


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Post 13 Sep 2014, 22:40

Re: The new improved tutorial, but what about the messages?

What happend with this topic? Is the new improved tutorial actualy in the newest Patch and/or in the Remake also?


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KaM Remake Developer

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Post 14 Sep 2014, 07:58

Re: The new improved tutorial, but what about the messages?

pawel95 wrote:What happend with this topic? Is the new improved tutorial actualy in the newest Patch and/or in the Remake also?

Firstly, this thread is from 2008, soon after development started on KaM Remake...

But yes, back in 2008 the tutorial was improved to cover all the unlocked buildings and weapons production, as well as attacking the enemies. It was included in Litude's SR3 patch 1.6, and much later in KaM Remake. But it was also there in r5503 so it's hardly news.

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