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Should TKE be revived?

Should TKE be revived?

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Post 29 Sep 2013, 19:23

Re: Should TKE be revived?

There's a blury line between repeating such "features" as bonus mining material and e.g. drunken soldiers "bug". They both are features and bugs depending on how you look at them ;)

There's a huge amount of little implementation details in original KaM and TKE, which means it's almost impossible to make both identical. I suggest you aim at big things first, then details time will come.
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Post 29 Sep 2013, 19:54

Re: Should TKE be revived?

in my opinion you can sort bugs out in 2 categories. fatal bugs that really are bad for the gameplay, and should be fixed as fast as you can (for example drunken soldiers, or in team fortress 2 people could clip under the map and kill everyone since bullet would go trhough the floow when shot from under the floor) or exploits which the player can use to their advantae in gameplay (example mining bug, shoot and go back, shoot and halt).
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