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[HOW TO] Post images

PostPosted: 14 Jul 2012, 22:23
by T*AnTi-V!RuZz
Hi all,

Daily, many posts that are submitted include images. For this reason, we installed a plugin that resizes the image to a nice thumbnail size and enables users to click on the thumbnail to view the full size image. Unfortunately, not many of you allow our plugin to work, because of one simple reason:

Our image plugin will not work when the image is encapsulated by [url] tags!

Also, I've seen a lot of different image hosts. Some better than others. Some Russian, some French. Most of them are very slow and/or use ads. I think it's best if we stick with one image host, that also allows us to use our image plugin the way it's meant to. That's why I'm writing this tutorial.

Please follow the simple instructions below.

1) Go to IMGUR.

2) Press the Upload images button.

3) Drag and drop your image(s) from your computer in the box or click the 'browse your computer' button.

4) Press the Start upload button.

5) On the right hand side, copy the text under BBCode (message boards & forums).

6) Paste the copied text on the forum.

Example code:

You have now succesfully posted an image on the forum.

Re: [HOW TO] Post images

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2013, 16:24
by T*AnTi-V!RuZz
Small request:

I see a lot of people that use imageshack as image host.

Please DO NOT use this host as it is slow and increases the load time of pages. Thank you.
Use IMGur mentioned above.

Re: [HOW TO] Post images

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2014, 13:47
by T*AnTi-V!RuZz
Small reminder to people who use lots of images to read the guide above. I still see a lot of users who fail to properly use images in their posts.

You can test if you did it right by clicking your image. If it opens in a nice window on top of the forum you did it right. If it opens another website, you didn't.

Golden rule: DO NOT USE URL TAGS.