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XXL coop maps

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2017, 23:59
by D!mensi0
Hello fellow KAM Fans!

Let me introduce myself. I am D!mensi0 , 27 y/o from the netherlands and a still a big fan of KAM. My playstyle is pretty slow. I like the base building aspect in this game as much as the combat. I dont play multiplayer, i am a coop player. From time to time i play some coop maps with my brother. Since i discovered KAM Remake i started builing maps and getting better at it since then. Because of my and my brothers playstyle i make large maps for coop use as a hobby. I try to make every map little different but youll see that the coop players have a lot of building space.

Recently i saw a post that some one wanted more maps, and specificly coop maps, so i thought i share some pictures. In the attachements are some pictures of my maps, aint all of them because of the max upload limit of 12 images. I am willing to share my maps. I also composed a new music map with fitting music for the game (kinda celtic music and music from the elderscoll games).

I am kinda new here so i dont know how the rules are about copy rights. My maps are self made. Sometimes i used sectors of other maps but always made my own version of it. The map i composed, i aint the owner of the music. So before i start sharing i like to know if its allowed ore not. Ore maybe we as a community can make a coop campagne out of this.

Re: XXL coop maps

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2017, 00:01
by D!mensi0
More images of maps

Re: XXL coop maps

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2017, 05:43
by Ben
We are in dire need of (good) coop maps so I guess this *might* be acceptable. Personally, I would never publicly share a map made with copied sections from other peoples' maps. At least you admitted to copying. Many don't do so, despite it being obvious.

On that note, people could make a game out of this: How many copied sections can you identify from the original maps?

Re: XXL coop maps

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2017, 17:43
by thunder
Wow, again a nice game! :D
I found Annie's garden on one of those pictures. Unbeilivable after those many years the first king of the hills script map saying 'hello' again.

Seriously the problem is not the copy paste...The problem is that those small copied parts sometimes have more invested time and effort in the quality than the rest of the whole map.For example the koczis12 walls on the first picture. Comparing that part with another parts of the map. Rather the whole map would have an average/raw quality than giving an unfinished maps feeling with these well worked out pieces.
There are few minimal/clear style map which has 5minutes making time but still OK because the whole maps looks out a 'crap' and the players not start to look after the quality on them. In this cases using high quality walls means there'd be something very special, but surprisingly nothing, of course from the quality perspective.

I'm sure these maps are tested as making coop maps are not easy and needs precise army an village set up for them.

I'm sorry but these maps are looking for visual upgrades in my opinion.
Anyway I'M pretty sure can be fun as Coop games.

Meanwhile I was found feww mountains which are maybe the largest known one what I've ever seen on a map. :wink:
Picture 2.jpg. That stone and empty iron mountain. WOW!

Have a peaceful winterholiday!