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The Great Exploration ("Hostile World"), map released soon




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Post 10 Jul 2015, 10:14

Re: The Great Exploration ("Hostile World"), map released so

Thx for ur reply. I'd like to comment ur post on many points. It may give a better idea of the purpose behind the design of this map.

Jeronimo wrote:I don't know much about scripting... but if you have a minor idea and decent intuition, with looking at Shadaoe's script you might learn fast using trial and error method (change segments of the lines so you know what happens). The basic syntax is there (Shadaoe's script), and it's your job to adjust the semantics to your map.
I checked the script file of an Adventurer's Journey. I agree scripting a mission using the KaM community tutorials and the examples available in all the missions' .script files needs basic knowledge and a bit of logic. But i believe it also needs a certain amount of time that I don't have. Unless someone is ready to invest their time helping me with the map, it won't have any script in it.

Jeronimo wrote:Otherwise this map it's just a good looking scenario, like an artistic painting... but with no gameplay at all.
I don't agree. In my opinion, this map doesn't necessary need to be a RPG mission to be playable. The gameplay of my map will be different from what players usually encounter when they play this game, I conceed it. But between a different gameplay and no gameplay at all, there's a gap I personally can't jump over. I also believe a strategist should be able to adapt their strategies to other topographies than those he is used to deal with (by "usual topography" I basically mean : a village partially protected by mountains or water, with troops spread onto the nearby parcels of lands). Now, I assume not every KaM player will enjoy this map. I just hope some will.

Jeronimo wrote:Scripts for a RPG map are used for: Special victory/defeat conditions, Appearance/Dissappearance of units (teleportation effect), Resources addition/subtraction for success or failure with events (bonus/malus for player's barracks or storehouse), Text dialogues or narrator's messages (one of every RPG's pilars).
That's true. We could also add "changes of alliance status (enemy>ally or ally>enemy)", and some scripts inherent in given RPG quests. The RPG potential of KaM seems quite big to me.

Jeronimo wrote:In an aside commentary, I see you have potential as mapmaker. A type of map that is missing in Multiplayer map pool, is the design for a "odd number balanced gameplay". I'm talking of games such as: 1 vs 2, 2 vs 3, 3 vs 4.

It won't work of course if all locations look similar: The Lower Team would need a geographic advantage (without looking over-campy), and a higher number of serfs + labourers + initial resources at storehouse.
I agree. I started to design Multiplayer maps. U may not like them as the gameplay would also be different. As it is different, I predict the tests for balancing the strengths (the starting amount of resources/manpower and the topography of each village) will give me a harder time.

Jeronimo wrote:I'm suggesting this because if you aren't going into a full scripted adventure (you surely have to REMAKE the map for having specific battle areas), an artistically beautiful multiplayer map for "odd players" would survive longer in the mind of the community.
One more reason not to make this map RPG-like.

Thanks for ur comment though, it's always good to have an external detailed opinion. I'll keep it in mind for a future project.

LadyPauline wrote:Really great job by yourself, making this map. Wow! i mean....WOW! I hope its difficult, can't wait to test it :)
I hope u will like it. It should be released very soon. I'm looking forward to making it available to the community and get all the feedbacks and comments, both good and bad. :)



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Post 17 Aug 2015, 21:42

Re: The Great Exploration ("Hostile World"), map released so

This reminds me of map making style of battle of wesnoth


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Post 18 Aug 2015, 02:12

Re: The Great Exploration ("Hostile World"), map released so

Michalpl wrote:This reminds me of map making style of battle of wesnoth

Offtopic: Were you a ladder player?
Did you prefer playing Normal maps like 2v2 in Isar/Morituri, or Special maps like Coliseum or Survival?
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Re: The Great Exploration ("Hostile World"), map released so

The map looks awesome :) When can we try it out? :)

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